We Will Give You $100 Credit If You Return Your Galaxy Note 7 - Samsung

Samsung is doing everything within their power to retain their customers and maintain their credibility after a disastrous flagship device launch this year.

Samsung will give you $100 if you return your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device and apart from the monetary offer, you have the option to choose any other smartphone from Samsung and it will be given to you as an exchange to the Note 7.

The Galaxy Note 7 became talk of the town after it surprisingly started exploding as no one expected such from a flagship device from Samsung. The situation increased as hundreds of the unit exploded globally which prompted Samsung to temporarily withdraw the production of the phone and launched a recall program for customers to return the first released units in exchange for a deemed "safe unit"

However, the same exploding fate met the so called safe units hence the permanent discontinuation of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the order to return all units back to the company.

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As of yesterday, 500,000 units of Galaxy Note 7 were returned in the United States alone as Samsung shut down the manufacturing of Galaxy Note 7 Phones completely and even thinking of discontinuing the Note series.

Through the U.S. Note7 Refund and Exchange Program, consumers can choose the following options and it started on October 13, 2016

✔ Up to a $100 total bill credit for a customer who exchanges a Note7 for any Samsung smartphone.

✔ A $25 total bill credit for a customer who exchanges a Note7 for a refund or other branded smartphone.

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The company is offering users $100 worth of credit to those who choose to get another Galaxy in exchange for their Note 7. Initially only $25 was offered to customers if they went for a refund.

Meanwhile, if you have already gotten your $25 credit from your retailer or carrier, you will be glad to know you can still claim additional $75 as well. source


  1. Chai I'm disappointed in samsung. I don't know if I should still continue buying note 5