Big Data: 6 Interesting Things About Data Mining

The object of data mining is to take all kinds of data from highly diverse areas and abstract it into an
analytical summary. With high-quality data analysis, incredibly valuable information can be gained for maximizing ROI and cutting back on expenses. The following are some of the most interesting things to know about data mining.
Data mining predicts the desires that customers don't explicitly state
With the information from data minding on consumer purchases, retailers like Amazon and Ebay can
predict the things that customers will be most likely to want based on their shopping habits.

Data mining is self-organizing
Without data mining, an analyst would have to manually interpret sub-categories and clusters based on their own powers of observation. With data mining, cluster directions are immediately revealed all on their own so that no hidden categories are missed.

Data mining classifies unknown structures
Not only does data mining make it easier to detect all distinct sub-categories within a data set, but it
also has the power to categorize new structures of data that haven't yet been discovered and formally recognized on the basis of pre-established rules; this is the power that makes it possible for unimportant incoming mail to be marked as “spam.” 

Data mining can predict future user behaviorTechnology is constantly changing, and the predictive power of data minding extends beyond just
examining what product an e-shopper might put into their cart next. Even future hypothetical social
media behavior can be determined with a predictive model based on data mined from past actions.

Data mining can spotlight problems that may have otherwise slipped under the radar
Through mining, anomalies in data sets can immediately be highlighted and made apparent to an
analyst without them needing to comb through the set just to locate it. Any pieces of data that are
explicitly divergent from the norm can be found and addressed proactively. 

Data mining is slightly different from statistics. 
While statistics are undoubtedly a key aspect of data mining, they are not technically one and the same. Data minding comprehensively deals with all aspects of data analysis, including the cleaning,
preparation, and visual representation of the results in real-time.

Data mining is an important process in today’s technological world and the key to a level of insight that reveals far more about human behavior that what meets the eye. You might find it useful to consider a master’s degree in database administration if you would like to learn more about using this practice to affect the future world. As responsive web design grows more prominent in the future, data mining will be invaluable for predicting what new trends may be on the horizon.

Guest Post
By: Dixie Somers / Freelance Writer 
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