Checkout Top 10 Passwords Commonly Used By Nigerians

Your password should something that is very tricky for another person to guess right even your closest of friends that's why I advise people to use a very strong combination of Uppercase, lowercase, numbers and even strange characters for your passwords so that you will minimize the chances of an intruder login into your various online accounts.

However, Nigerians are guilty of using some not-so-strong passwords that exposes them and their accounts. It's common to see people use their phone numbers, date of birth, current year, etc as passwords. This contributes to constant hacking of Facebook accounts and other online accounts apart from phishing. Having said that, below are the top 10 Passwords used by many Nigerians.

1. 1234
2. 12345
3. 2468
4. Yourname123 (john123)
5. Your phone Number
6. Last five digit of your number (40240)
7. Date of birth (1998)
8. First 3 letters of your first name and first 3 letters of last name combined (johade)
9. Current year (2016)
10. First four figures of phone number (08034)

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As you can see, the above passwords are rampant and easily guessed by many people. If you are currently using any of them, kindly do yourself a favor by changing to something that is stronger and hard to guess. Stay safe and enjoy your day.


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