Photoshop For Audio: Adobe VoCo Tech Wonder On The Way

Are you impressed by what you can do on photos with photoshop tricks? Now what if i tell you that very soon you can also 'photoshop' audio files? Interesting right? Okay.

Adobe recently announced Project VoCo, which is an experimental tool that allows you to tweak, remove and replace some words in a speech. As a matter of fact, you can even add words that did not originally appear in the audio file. Wow!!! I know similar technology already exists but this is coming in another dimension and with a bang.

Quoting TechCrunch, “Project VoCo needs about 20 minutes of voice samples from a given speaker. It then analyzes the speech, breaks it down into phonemes, transcribes it and creates the voice model.”

Meanwhile, though this software will be fun to have and will help podcasters and Vloggers but one thing is certain, it will be used the wrong way in many cases to carry out crime and so many bad things.

About its availability? Oh yea... The Project VoCo is not yet commercially available. Keep in touch as i will provide the download link as soon as the product is available. What do you think? 😯

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