Saturday, November 26, 2016

Prices Of All Data Plans Will Be Increased Starting From Dec 1st - NCC

What is really happening in Nigeria? Why is it that the average citizens are presented with one of the worst hardship conditions? It is not getting funny any longer as the common man in the street doesn't have any hope again. No quality education, no work/employment, no better infrastructural development, recession, strict laws etc.

Imagine when everyone rejoiced that the telecom industry in Nigeria has finally heard the complaints of people by reducing price of data plans and call rates this year, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) just mandated all Telcos in the country including MTN, Etisalat, Airtel and Glo to increase price of data plans effective from December 1st 2016

This is absolutely not acceptable by me especially in this period when so many people including students are finding life so difficult because of the economic situation in the country. How can students from poor family survive? How can they be subscribing for data to carry out researches and assignments? Our government doesn't think in that part. They just think in one direction.

This is sad, NCC believes that this is one of the ways they can generate revenues for the Government. They know that we can’t do without buying data… so they decided to mandate all Telcos to increase their data price… hmm!

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Recently, CBN governor Godwin Emefieli proposed taxes on phone calls that exceeds 3 minutes. My question is; what have they done with other taxes and privatization they did before? We wake up everyday with one bad economic news or the other.

With this, we might be getting just 500MB with N1000 instead of the 1.5gb we normally get. So sad.

Just call MTN's 181 self-help service number now to here things for yourself.

What's your take on this decision by NCC? Do you think it will make the nation better or is it the same old story?


  1. Replies
    1. Data sure pass bro. Imagine staying without browsing the Internet. Okay, maybe you are not the browsing type but even the call you said you will be making is not safe too as the government is proposing taxes on calls.

  2. Replies
    1. If you ask me..... Na who i go ask... 🎶 singing

  3. No worry,they want me to go back to my cheat tools

    But anyway I will sub before 31 december

    Don't worry ncc una go see who go recharge for una again
    See regime oh

  4. Na wa oooo, na dollar affect MB too, or wetin?

  5. nawaooo...even if increased to 5000 for 2mb we go dey browse

  6. I da laugh I da laugh tunder fire una ncc well tweakware /vpn cheat will increase we go still catch them

  7. I da laugh I da laugh tunder fire una ncc well tweakware /vpn cheat will increase we go still catch them

  8. may God help us in naija o

  9. I really don't know what this country want us to do. Hmmmmmmm there is God ooooh

  10. were waiting oga wizzy
    we need d cheat so badly.....load dem alote!

  11. sad ke i happy just wait see what will happen

  12. We can all stand in one voice 2 say NO to dis....either 2ru social media n co....shey na lyk dis we go deh luk. ....Wake up naija youths/ students

  13. Then they're encouraging us to look for cheats and cheats to browse.

  14. Likewise Mine oh
    But u go dey browse
    That's reality

  15. The thing dey pain me, me wey be say i just they manage 60mb