4 Ways To Cope With Poor Network Service As You Travel To Village This Christmas

Poor network reception 📶 is a normal thing that usually happens during this Xmas period especially to those from a very timid village with one or few network mast. It's one of the factors that makes village boring no matter the happiness of seeing family members and friends.

In some villages, you can't even make a clear phone calls talk more of browsing, chatting or uploading pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. No wonder some people don't stay up to a day in their respective villages this period. How can you be celebrating Xmas without being online? It's too boring jare.

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Although network providers are constantly spreading coverage and putting in new cellphone masts to cope with the increasing demand, the irritating dilemma does not seem to be letting up.

Whereas poor signal strength might be your network provider’s fault, there are lots of different reasons why you are probably having network signal issues, and fortunately there is a lot you can do to reinforce the phone service reception by yourself.


Most Smartphones produced in recent times comes with the choice of a 3G and 4G network. Even as these networks are designed to give high bandwidth to cellphones, they are readily confined as they are suffering from distance between the transmission tower and the mobilephone, the farther away you're from one, the weaker the signal is going to be. In difficulty where you're out of required options and the 3G/4G can no longer operate properly, try switching your mobile phone to a 2G network (only) as a substitute. The 2G could present a decrease bandwidth than the newer counterparts and so is also slower, nevertheless it has respectable assurance in most places and is absolutely much more available in the villages. One other capabilities of switching to 2G is that you've got larger battery vigor; your battery won't drain quickly in view that 2G doesn’t require that a lot energy.

Often referred to as mobile phone signal boosters, mobile repeaters are excellent for addressing terrible mobile phone signal reception via amplifying a vulnerable signal acquired through an outside antenna and bypassing any obstructions to rebroadcast it over a given field by means of an inside antenna, supplying a robust signal to an area that was initially lacking. Despite being a concrete resolution for multiple phone users having signal issues and an original answer for such settings, repeaters have been identified to have some difficulties. Now not best do they all want at least 2 bars of signal where the antenna is placed to operate, some repeaters would need technical understanding such as the frequency of your carrier to hook up and the gadget tends to be rather high-priced.

If you are rather specific that your network issues are usually not consequent of detailed signal blockades around your village or for that reason of your function, you must absolutely call your network service provider. As a paying subscriber, you may have the right to let your provider be aware of when their service just isn't working for you and request for strategy to be supplied. In Nigeria, this would no longer be as easy as it sounds. Most occasions, the customer service representatives can take hours to attend to you as there is in general a long line of calls ready. On the other hand, you would make contact through social media (which is faster and even the best). Most network service providers have social media handles and the response via this medium is much faster.

If the network obstacle persists, the satisfactory option would simply be to port to another network. Make sure you search for the signal strength of the new network before making the switch. Almost every network provider within the nation have their own masts/towers and function unbiased of one another making use of their own frequencies. There's a large hazard of bettering your network by way of porting to an completely new network. Excellent thing is that the majority of the networks allows you to maintain your customized phone number when you change SIM (porting).

I hope the above points would help you tackle poor network services as you travel to your respective villages this Xmas. Happy Xmas 🎄