FGNAPP: Have You Heard Of Buhari App? See The Features & Download Link

Buhari App features, launch date, download link for Buhari app, supported devices, and many more information about the Federal Government of Nigeria App (FGNAPP) a.k.a ‘Buhari app’ is revealed here exclusively for you

Nigerian Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, earlier this week announced that the Nigerian Government will be launching a mobile application. The minister revealed this in a meeting with Resident Information Officers (RIOs) in the ministry.
buhari app
Buhari app is meant to keep Nigerians abreast of the activities of the Buhari-led administration although it has generated mixed reactions from Nigerians both home and in the diaspora.

Below are the features of the app and other things you need to know about it.

1. It will help Nigerians monitor the activities of the present government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

2. This unique app will put an end to the misrepresentation and dissemination of falsehood on activities the Buhari-led government.

3. This new app will go on hand held devices.

4. With this app, you can get to know what is happening in Nigeria from anywhere in the world.

5. This information dissemination app was developed by Olawole Falope.

6. The Resident Information Officers (RIOs) from ministries, departments and agencies would be the one that would feed the app with stories.

7. It would function 24/7 all year round.

8. This new app will be launched on December 15 in Abuja.

9. The Buhari app is developed by Olawole Falope.

You see, judging from the above features of the app, there is nothing new Nigerians can gain from it (there are many genuine information platforms both online and offline in the country). In fact, it raises the question "do we Nigerians really need this app? Is it the solution to the recession? What happened to creating of job opportunities, infrastructure, access to health care, schools and improvements in our economy among others? Honestly, it beats my imagination.

Not just me but many people have criticized this move. We are watching.

The app is now available for downloads at Google Playstore (for Android devices) and Apple's iTunes store (for iOS devices)
Download FGN App apk here
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  1. Lol Well lets see how it goes... but naija ehn

  2. hmmmmmm... is dah our problem? mtcheeww d should say sumtin new..

  3. Mtcheeew, Nonsense. Is developing an app d next line of action during this economic recession. Misappropriation of priorities

  4. I think it is a welcome development, cos most of the administration activities are misinterpreted, recession issues inclussive.

  5. Hope this will is not another tool by Buhari Cabals to exploit the minds of the public. Just tell us only the Truth.(fullstop)

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