How to Keep Your Gadgets Safe During Your Next Travel

It happens to nearly everyone during a travel. You pack up your devices in preparation for a move so
they will be safe from damage, only to find them broken despite your best efforts. And sometimes
damages occur before you even have a chance to pack. One missed step, a patch of ice, or a trip later,
and your fragile and expensive electronics fall, seemingly in slow motion, to the hard and unforgiving
ground. Damage during any move is hard to avoid, but you can prevent a lot of falls and damage with a few tips. If you have a move coming up and are looking for a way to ensure your electronics and fragile items survive the trip, you are in luck. Here are some helpful tips on how to prepare your devices and more fragile items for your next move.
How to Keep Your Gadgets Safe During Your Next Travel
Travel PreparationThe next time you must move or need to store your devices, make sure you have the right materials for protecting them. Here is a list of items you will want to have available before you start preparing for the move: Packing tape, either the original box your device came in, or cardboard boxes, zipper-locked bags, packing paper, scissors, bubble wrap, labels, and permanent markers. Be sure you also use rags and thick towels for padding.

If your device uses regular batteries instead of the built-in type that are not removable, make sure you
remove them before you pack up, especially if you are going to leave the device in storage for a long
period. The batteries will begin to corrode when not being used, and can damage the device.
Additionally, if your device has removable media, such as disk drives, make sure you do not leave any media inside of the device. Leaving the media inside of your device while it is being moved can cause damage to the device and to the media.

Device Packing
Now that you have all your supplies, you can get started with properly packing your devices for safe
travel or storage. Using the original box or packaging your device came in is the best way to prepare it for moving, but if you no longer have the original packaging, you will have to make your own. The first thing to do after you make sure there are no batteries or media still inside of your device, is to see if there are any special instructions in the owner's manual. After you have checked, begin packing your device.
1. Place two or three layers of bubble wrap at the bottom of a cardboard box.
2. Wrap your device in two or three layers of bubble wrap and then place it inside of a separate box.
3. Place the box with your device inside of the first box, filling any space with between the boxes with wrapping paper. If it is more delicate, consider using towels as part of the padding filling the space.
4. Once the box has been packed to avoid re-positioning during shipping, close and tape the box shut.

Custom Equipment Cases
A better way to prepare your devices for a move is by using custom equipment cases. Places like SKB carrying cases can fit cases directly to your devices, and provide optimal protection. You can order specialized cases for other tricky items as well. Anything from TVs, large framed pictures, and small appliances can be made to fit into a customized case. If you aren’t sure the best way to pack a particular item, it might be worth your time to talk to a professional moving company what they might recommend.

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When traveling, you want to be sure all your things arrives safely and in on piece. While it can be stressful to pack and move all your own things, these tips can help to make sure your devices at least stay safe. Make sure your movers are careful with your things during the move as well. If you and your family are doing the work yourself, take a lot of breaks and only lift if you can handle the weight. The last thing you want is to drop something important just because of fatigue. Also during your move, be sure to pack smart. Don’t have heavier items on top or above smaller delicate items that could be crushed. If you pack smart, you can save yourself a lot of trouble down the road.

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