Top 7 Best iOS Hookup Apps

Hook-ups are the new trends in the world. Everyone wants to find someone compatible with their personality. Going outside and looking for love is so old fashioned and the new youth is no where interested to go in the socially hip places and find someone. The odds of finding someone are still present but to share the same interests is very hard. Internet is the driving force of the youth in the whole wide world. As there is advancement in internet there is increase in the laziness of the person who knows how to get things off the internet.
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Dating is no different either, people who wish to find compatible mates with not so much effort have switched their ways from physical presence to virtual reality. This connection to the World Wide Web is providing every type of partners, from Saturday night- lovers to Sunday brunch-mates. Some prefer hook-ups and it is convenient for people to put out their interests and not confuse the one who wish to find soul mates for their lives. Internet really makes the hook-up process easy as you don’t have to further deal with the different interests of the person. Therefore, we bring to you the top iOS hookup apps to download find you a suitable dating partner for the time being.

1. Tinder
Tinder is a very famous app and also claimed to be the most used dating app. Tinder started as a no strings attached app but now almost everyone is on it. The app is quite frank regarding the goal of encouraging genuine human connections versus one night stands but again it started a casual app and remains to do so in the eyes of many. One does not have to face rejection as it only shows if someone matches your choice. But in the same case when so many people are on the app it is difficult to avoid embarrassment of swiping someone you know.
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2. Tingle
This is an app which allows one to swing in the mood and look for people who are interested in hookup at a location near yours. It has a unique calling feature which allows calling another person without revealing their number. Only those people who are interested can enable the app to show their present location. Although it is a very useful app it is not that popular, therefore there are not many people using the application.
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3. Pure
This app generally is used for hook-ups. It erases the data of an individual every hour so one does not have to worry over their photos nagging the internet for eternity. It is also made sure that people meeting are looking for the same interests. Also it maintains a anonymity which makes it private and secure for people who don’t wish to reveal their self until they are fully sure.
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4. DownEveryone in this world now is on Facebook and this app uses your Facebook account to look into your friends and give you an option of getting to know them or just have a casual time with them. Since it is Facebook one knows that the person actually exists in the real world. Although the disadvantage is that it shows even those people who are not on the application but are your friends on Facebook.
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5. Feeld
Have you always wanted to explore your way with 2 people at once? Like a threesome, then it is not so hard to find the partners anymore. This app allows one to swipe through the app with the mindset that the sexual encounter would include not one but two different people at the same time (threesome). Couples who need a third wheel can sign up for it together and singles who want to explore this method can sign up separately. It gives a whole new level to sexual encounters.
feeld app

6. Whiplr
Whiplr matches people on with different fetish communities being more specific, it allows you to find potential play partners in the online world as well as in the real world. The good part about is that it does not revolve around people getting to know each other and other compatibility issues but jumps right to the actual thing one is looking for desperately. It matches you with people who share your fetishes and kink so it’s enjoyable for both the people as you already know the enjoyable things to do for entertainment. 
It even allows one to delete all the photos shared in case there is a conflict. But the disadvantage is that the app has a limited time for which one can use it for free, after that the monthly subscription is to be paid to avail the facilities of the app which can get annoying and costly.
whiplr app

7. Her
Finally one for the lesb~ians, queer and bise~xual women, this app can be used to find people who
share the same sexuality as yours. In many places it is still not okay to come out as a gender other than male or female, or be interested in the same sex partners, therefore, this app provides an escape to those people who wish to find someone but not so publicly (for the fear of being not accepted by the community). It can be used as either a causal relationship or one which will bloom to be a romantic relationship.
her app

It allows one to know the fellow LGBTQ community members. This app shows both similar location oriented people who are looking for someone and also people all over the world. This might not turn up to be the ideal application for hookup but is can be referred by the interested people.

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Therefore, above are the applications which can provide you with a person who shares the similar interests as that of yours. Some people still follow the traditional way of meeting a person but this method is no less advantageous as it ensures that you meet someone who is compatible to your needs. And it also ensures that one’s confidence is not diminished due to rejection on the face as it all happens in virtual reality.

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