Top Six Awesome Gadgets on the Tech Market Today

Technology evolves day by day in exciting new ways, but it can be hard to keep track of the best new
innovations coming out of the industry. While there are a lot of new gadgets being improved upon and designed, not all will pass the test of time or usability. It will take even more experimenting to see which ones lead the way for new and even better technological products. But how do you know which of the newest innovations are worth spending the time and money on? Below you can check out six of the coolest tech gadgets available for order today. Any of these will make great gifts and are sure to pave the way for better products and newer technologies in future.

1. HTC Vive
At the cutting edge of virtual reality, the HTC Vive is an exciting and quality headset. Not just for gaming, there are a whole slew of virtual reality experiences waiting for the HTC Vive user. From visual storytelling to journalistic experiences, virtual reality and the HTC Vive are truly exciting for the world of tech. We are just beginning to see the applications this technology can be used for and it will be exciting to watch where virtual technology is used in the future.
HTC Vive
2. ASUS ZenWatch 2
Smartwatches like this one show just what today's gadgets can do for productivity and efficiency. It's easy to read emails on the go and stay connected, all without pulling out a smartphone. With the capability to track everything from calories burned to sleep patterns, this watch is also ideal for fitness enthusiasts. Many other developers are putting out their own watches, and it will be interesting to see how they are improved even further for professional athletes and the everyday man.
ASUS ZenWatch 2
3. Mr Beams MBN356 Spotlight System
Installing home technology is easy when it comes to this LED motion sensing system of lights. Home
owners can rest assured that technology is on their side when it comes to keeping burglars at bay. This system of lights is networked to respond and communicate together, making for the ultimate at-home gadget. Other custom gadgets include home networking programs and installation that keep your home connected from the thermostat to the stove. These new systems will keep your entire family connected as well as connect you to your home. These are available at most stores and will be more widely available from security firms as well.
Mr Beams MBN356 Spotlight System
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4. Printrbot Simple Metal 3D Printer
Starting at $649, this 3D printer is one of the cheapest and most accessible models on the market. It's easy to get involved in the world of making and creating with a 3D printer like this. Users new to 3D
printing can find all kinds of helpful resources and feedback online, making the learning curve a little
easier. These are amazing innovations that are already being tested in industries like healthcare and
manufacturing. If used on a bigger scale, these printers have the capabilities to change most everything about the future.
Printrbot Simple Metal 3D Printer
5. Phonotonic
Phonotonic is a device that uses motion sensing to create music with an accompanying app. This small yet stylish handheld pod provides a new and intuitive way to make music from body movements. Phonotonic offers an innovative fusion between technology of creative power. This is a great conversation starter and would probably be great for parties. It’s technological advancements mean more creative technologies like this are possible and are already on the horizon.
6. DBPOWER W20 2.7 Dash Cam
This dash cam is the perfect choice for the cautious driver who wants to prevent unfair litigation after an accident. With high-quality 1080p video and the capacity for a 32 GB TF card, this dash cam is reliable and invaluable. Gadgets like this one can help ease worries when on the road and keep you connected as well. They can be connected to your home computer and even your home automation system. This means you can have access wherever you happen to be. Consumers have plenty of choices these days when it comes to cool gadgets. From fitness-tracking smartwatches to creative technology, new horizons in the world of tech are truly exciting to see. It will be amazing to see where these innovations take us in the future.
DBPOWER W20 2.7 Dash Cam
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By: Eileen O'Shanassy
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