Ultimate Cycler Website Login Is Back But New Users Can Not Register

After the crash of Ultimate Cycler website last week, an update has been made on the Ponzi scheme portal. As at noon, Wednesday December seventh, already registered members can log into the website, however new users intending to join the business can’t register as at the time of this report.

Founder of Ultimate Cycler, Peter Wolfing, explanation in a video launched after the web site’s crash, revealed that ultimate cycler was powered through an algorithm that is in a position of walking and preserving at least 100,000 members per day however in contemporary times, users skyrocketed to over a million a day, overwhelming the server's ability. He stated that technicians had been working earnestly to make sure that the website will never crash again and will keep any quantity of users per day. The Ultimate cycler login page increased rapidly compared to earlier stats.

Also, he mentioned that the points within the website online like spill overs(unconfirmed money owed) and that the congestion issues of the community, whereby any person below a person’s matrix merged to pay that person doesn’t reflect in the person’s pending receivables hereby withholding the person from activating the account and in addition causing a gridlock within the matrix is being resolved. He concluded by means of announcing that delays in receiving payments will be a thing of the past with this updated version.

The ultimate cycler login page is currently alive and functional, users are reporting successes in getting access to their dashboards, only issue is that new users are not able to register at the moment.

You can watch the video of the founder addressing the video below

So no more panic for now.


  1. Good. Breaking financial entanglement

  2. Thanks for d info, just keep us posted when new member we b able to get in. Because I want to join ooh.

    1. http://trendebook.com/ultimate-cycler-login-members-area-login/
      This platform has lots of participants like the very popular MMM Nigeria mutual community where users render help to one another.

  3. having ds strong feelings that ds recession wil make out way for people to think like never before... gosh! ultimate cycler has really amazed me.. just a token to get a huge some of money.. peter wolfing u'v really tried jarre..
    bro wizy me d pray hard for u cos u don try for us.
    God bless

  4. people with pc can not still use the site. is like the site just open for just mobile device.