Zarfund Review | How It Works | How To Make Money With It

For certainty, money is one of the paramount things we need for survival. One without money is seen as valueless in our society. There is no amount of satisfaction that can be compared when you always have money to satisfy your pressing needs. To earn money you have to work.

In recent times, traditional method of doing business is being replaced by e-business. Business enabled by digital technology is gaining momentum nowadays than ever before in history. Now, to become a business man or woman, you do not need to own a shop or warehouse, you do not need a physical product to sell, you are not employed anywhere etc. Gone are the days when people will refer to a neighbor who doesn’t go out of his home from Monday to Friday as a lazy and jobless man. Yes, someone can stay in the comfort of his home from Monday to Friday and make millions of Naira! Thanks to digital technology!

People no longer work hard rather they work smart!
Zarfund signup
There are so many ways to work smart and make millions without stress in this Nigeria recession notwithstanding.

While people sit down and call on the name of a particular politician as the cause of their problems, smart ones are busy using their fingers to enrich themselves with millions through the aid of their smart phone and Personal Computer.

For years now a group of industrious entrepreneurs known as  Global Business Experts has been researching and discovering many genuine online businesses that one can carryout without much stress and make millions. We recently discovered a new business and after 3 months of test running it, we can now confidently introduce it to others.

This business will boost your financial status to what you have never imagined.
Here is a tested confirmed online business called Zarfund.

It is a new investment that the whole world can’t seem to stop talking about at the moment. The internet has been bombarded by diligent ones who search about it, and lots of savvy investors keep trooping in daily. It’s fast becoming a wild fire.

So why is there so much hype and buzz around Zarfund? The answer is simple. This new virus in town could make you rich beyond your wildest dream and its 100% scam free and transparent.

So what exactly is Zarfund? Zarfund is a team-work based, person – to – person funding platform. The company started mid-August 2016 but is gaining substantial unmatched grounds the investment world has ever seen.

The founder and CEO of Zarfund
Hannes Jordaan
Hannes Jordaan

Zarfund Official Website:
Zarfund Pays - Here is the Proof!
Zarfund Darshboard

Seeing is believing let me show you my earnings, above is a screenshot of my Zarfund account.

Let me take a few minute to explain the screenshot above, it shows the following:
  1. I joined Zarfund on the 17 September 2016
  2. I'm in level 4 or Platinum stage
  3. I have invested or donated a total sum of 0.38btc ($267.13) N133,500
  4. I have received 2.61btc ($1834.77) N917,000
  5. My profit so far is $1834.77 – $267.13 = $1567.63
  6. It’s just a little over 2 months
Let's do a little maths:  $1567.63 x N520 = N814,840, that’s my profit so far in two months. 

Note: The start up capital is just N12,800 ($23) and you will not invest any other money from your pocket again. You only reinvest some of your profits to progress.
Making N814k in just two months with little or no stress.

How does it work?
Zarfund is all about team work. As a team work, the growth of each member does not fully depend on the individual's effort in bringing people under him. The team work for the growth and progress of every member. So whether you can bring people or not your growth in zarfund is guaranteed as long as you are in a serious team, Unlike networking programs where each person bears the task of bringing hundreds of people before they can progress.
In Zarfund new investors donate to their uplines and that's what is called person to person contribution.
Zarfund’s powerful, sophisticated and secure web integrated system regulates and monitors the donation exercise among team members. So there's no room for irregularities or tricks, everything is clear and transparent.

Strategy 2 x 2 Upgrade Profit

THIS IS BASED ON EVERYONE JUST GETTING 2 participants (if you have more than 2 you can help your downline by placing these people under them)

What we are saying is this; In zarfund each member is required to have only two people placed under him or her. you can never have more than two people under you as downlines. Those two people under you also need to have two  people placed under them as-well, it continues this way. We call it the power of two.

For example: Peter joined zarfund and he invited two people, John and James. These new investors will pay Peter 23usd N12.800 each. By so doing, Peter has recovered his 12.8k which he used to join zarfund plus extra 12.8k making it total of 25.6k. Also, by having 2 people placed under him Peter qualifies to move up to level two.

Peter's downlines James and John also need two have two people placed under them. This is how everybody in the team keep having two people placed under them. This leads to the progress of every member of a team.
That's how I made up to 800k in 2 months with Zarfund.

Team Work Made it Possible
Making rapid progress in Zarfund is very difficult without team work. I was able to get to level 4 and make N800k because i was in a team, not just a team but a team a serious team. As you can see in the strategy, you can't place more than two people under you. thus, to make progress in zarfund team work is required.

In our team, new investors are placed under the latest members of the team who are yet to have two people under them.

For instance, two investors, Peter and Tunde joined our team today. Then by tomorrow Obi, Musa, Bola and Emeka join our team also. These 4 new investors will be placed under Peter and John in twos. When others come in, they will be placed under the 4 latest members respectively in twos.

In Zarfund You Don't Worry About Bringing in People!
As stated earlier, your progress in zarfund doesn't depend on your individual efforts in inviting people, rather it depends on the collective effort of the team. If some few members of a team are unable to invite people their progress in zarfund is still guaranteed because other members are doing the invitation. Also most people in our team are bloggers and some are experienced  internet marketers so they know how to do their job well. Therefore, not having someone to invite shouldn't stop you from joining zarfund. The era of networking schemes that requires you to bring the hold of your village before you can progress has gone.

Let me relate an experience to you: I told a friend about zarfund, he liked the strategy but gave an excuse that person like him can't succeed in  zarfund because he will be unable to invite people. I explained things to him to my very best, I made him to understand that zarfund is a team work and your team works for you.  The guy later registered. After few days of his registration two people where placed under him and he got 12.8k 23usd each total of 25.6k 46usd, this was credited into his bitcoin wallet and he moves to level 2.  Within two weeks his level 2 was completed and he got 70 US dollars as profit. He  exchanged it to Naira in less than 6hrs and N35,000 was credited into his naira bank account. When he disclosed the alert to his brothers they became astonish and were eager to join our zarfund team. Imagine, this guy didn't stress himself trying to persuade people rather the bank alerts did the hold talking for him. That's how we  roll..!

Estimated profit calculation of Zarfund System
LEVEL 1:  2 x 0.03btc 
= 0.06btc – 0.05btc (upgrade to level 2)
= 0.01btc profit per month

LEVEL 2:  4 x 0.05btc
= 0.2btc – 0.1btc (upgrade to level 3)
= 0.1btc profit per month

LEVEL 3:  8 x 0.1btc 
= 0.8btc – 0.2btc (upgrade to level 4) 
= 0.6btc profit per month

LEVEL 4:  16 x 0.2btc 
= 3.2btc – 1btc (upgrade to level 5)  
= 2.2btc profit per month      

LEVEL 5:  32 x 1btc 
= 32btc – 2btc (upgrade to level 6) 
= 30btc profit per month

LEVEL 6:  64 x 2btc  
= 128btc profit per month

Breakdown in Naira
Level 1 profits = N3,500 (7usd)
Level 2 profits = N35,000 (70usd)
Level 3 profits = N210,000 ($420)
Level 4 profits = N770,000 ($1,540)
Level 5 profits = N10.5M ($21,000)
Level 6 profits = N42.4M ($84,000)

Note: The above profits are stated in Naira equivalent for easy understanding because we assumed many reading this post are yet to learn about Bitcoin which is Zarfund’s official currency. Zarfund is an international platform, thus people all over the world invests in Zarfund. This is why the generally accepted currency is a crypto currency called BITCOIN. It’s currently the most valued digital currency.

Just 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to 700USD. This means if you wish to own 1btc you have to give out $700 for it, which is more than N300,000.

If you are not familiar with Bitcoin that shouldn't be an excuse to discard zarfund investment. If you do, I bet you, you'll soon regret it. There are over 50,000 Nigerians in zarfund presently. We are not the inventors of bitcoin, we all learned how to use it. So you too can understand bitcoin and transact with it. We are here to assist you. You can also do research on google about bitcoin. 

When you earn bitcoin in zarfund we will help you exchange it to naira within 6hrs and your naira bank account will be credited.

FACT:  If You Join Our Zarfund Team Today and Within the Next 3 weeks from today 32 New People Joined Our Team, You Who Joined 3 Weeks ago before them will Make a Profits of N210,000.

Zarfund Is A Money Making Equipment 
Yes, I want you to understand this very fact. Zarfund doesn't pay members money or remuneration. Rather zarfund is just a platform or a tool which people utilizes to make  money by themselves.

Don't think Zarfund is an organization like Helping Hands or GNLD etc.. So there's nothing like you working for zarfund or becoming their affiliate, in which they will promise to pay you money or give you incentives for working with them or bringing people to join them.
We are not criticizing any organization here, in fact some people in our team are also members of these networking organizations and there are doing well there.

What I'm saying is that zarfund is a money making equipment. It's just like a motor vehicle used for commercial purposes. The vehicle will not count money and give to the commercial driver. Rather, the driver uses the vehicle to work and earn money. Same with zarfund, people uses the platform to make money on their own.

My dear brother and sister, Zarfund has the capability to fetch users 10 million naira in a short period of time, just like a luxurious bus of 50 seaters can fetch a driver 250k in a day if he transports 50 people from Port Harcourt to Kaduna.

So Zarfund is a working tool... Just like a motor vehicle..

The Goal of our Team is to Drive Every Member to Ultimate Level 6 where they will Earn up to N42 Million!

How can this be achieved?
As a team of like-minded people, a team full of people with ambitions and goals; a team of vigorous men and women who thinks positively and the fear of the enemy of success called 'Mr. Failure' has no hold on them. We are determined to harness Zarfund to the peak. To help us achieve this, so many strategies, plans and clear objectives have been put in order. 

Most members of our team are well experienced in various online businesses and disciplines like internet marketing, multi-level marketing, cyber psychology, etc. We have all come together to leverage the potentials in others. By joining our super team you will have the opportunity to work with people with ambitions to achieve your dreams.

Some Distinguished Members of our Teams are…
Ugochukwu John
Avate Communications Lagos
Wisdom Obioha (Wizy)
Founder WizyTechs Blog

Funsho Kolawole (Shelaf)
Shelaf World of Technology

Christiana Ekene
Everbright Ltd Port Harcourt

 Kyle Rodrigo

Kehinde Omotimi
Internet Marketer, Lagos

Our Zarfund team is not for everybody, it’s only for those who don’t only have dreams but are eager to take swift action to achieve their dreams. We don’t want to run a team full of indolent and apathetic kind of people. No! We don’t need such ones among us!

To make sure such ones don’t even remain in Zarfund’s entire community, some rules and policies have been formulated e.g, every new member is given 24hrs deadline to upgrade after registration, thus dormant and inactive account is not tolerated.

How to Join our Team Today
To join our fast growing team you MUST contact us for a registration link.

What if I'm not in Nigeria?
In Zarfund the country you are doesn't matter. Zarfund is a global investment platform and it uses a digital currency (bitcoin) that is globally accepted.

So if you're not in Nigeria you can still be part of our team. Currently, we have people from 6 different countries in our team.

Starts Up Capital
The start-up capital in zarfund is fixed, 0.03 BitcoinBut the Naira and dollar equivalent of this amount is constantly changing. Most times it fluctuates in minutes and hours.This is as a result of pressures in the bitcoin market.

Take a look at Bitcoin volatility Chart from Google.
So as at the time this post was made the Naira and dollar equivalent of 0.03btc was N12,800 and 23usd respectively.

When you contact any of our team assistants, they will tell you the current Naira and dollar equivalent of 0.03btc.

To start making money on Zarfund, you must have a bitcoin wallet which serves as your bank account. Zarfund is a global platform where investors from many countries come together to invest thus the generally accepted currency is bitcoin.

If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet yet please follow these steps to create.
To create a bitcoin wallet goto 
Click on wallet and create a wallet.
After creating check your email for confirmation.

Your wallet is ready!
Next is to fund your wallet with 0.03btc (23usd).

How do you get 0.03btc to fill in your bitcoin account, and get started? 
You have to change your Naira to dollars. There are exchange companies online that offers currency exchange services.

Three ways to get dollars (bitcoin)
  1. From exchange companies online
Examples of such companies are:
  1. You can buy dollars (bitcoin) from any reliable and trustworthy individual you know.
  1. From our team: for the safety and convenience of our new members, the team managers pulled funds together to purchase huge amounts of dollars, which we do credit our newly registered members to enable them to upgrade immediately. With this arrangement our new members who are not experienced in the bitcoin market are not exposed to fraudsters that can dupe them of their hard earn money in the process of selling bitcoin to them.
So feel free to contact one of our team assistants for more information on how to receive dollars from us.
Team Assistants:
Mr. Jude, call/Whatapp 08135466326

Mr. Wisdom, +2347067041115 WhatsApp and Telegram

Mr. Ezimah Ugo, 08137930551 call/whatsapp

Mr. Micheal Kayode, 07067464613 call/whatapp

Mr. Emmanuel, 08038329952, call/what apps
Mr. Collins, 07038427188 call/whats apps
IJ. Britney, 07062515725 call/whats apps
After funding your bitcoin wallet next is to register for Zarfund.
To register on Zarfund, you must use a unique link provided by a Zarfund team.

Note: If you visit and register without contacting us, that registration is void or invalid. You MUST contact us for a registration link if you really want to be part of our great team.

To get a registration link chat up with one of our Team Assistants list above.

If you are new in bitcoin business, contact us for assistant. We will assist and guide you through the process and show you how simple and easy it its.

After your sign up, you will be added to our team’s whatsapp group where you will meet and interact with other team members to receive more directions and guidance.

What are you waiting for? Stand up now and take action if you don’t want to miss this great opportunity! You have been praying and seeking ways to financial freedom, here is it now!God has answered your prayers by directing you to this page.

The facts remains: Zarfund has the capability to change your financial status and make you smile to the bank in a short period of time.
FACT: Due to the rate at which people are joining our Zarfund team these days, we can give you a guarantee that if you register today, within a week we will place two people under you and you will receive 12.8k each from them. Total amount of N25,600 will be credited to you. Hence, you qualify for level 2 where you will earn more money.

For more information and guidance contact our team assistants @
07067041115, 08135466326, 07038427188, 08038329952,08137930551 Call/WhatsApp and Telegram.

Zarfund - Together We Make This Money!

Zarfund is a Ponzi business scheme similar to MMM, Swisscoin, Ultimate Cycler etc. These schemes has helped many people make money online but you are responsible for your actions.

BY: Mr. Cliff,
Contact: +2347067041115 WhatsApp and Telegram


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