5 Ways To Secure Your Android Phone

Your phone contains a lot of data and information about you, it contains both public and private information that requires good security measures to protect them from being accessed by your friends, family members, colleagues, boo, bae etc. Hence the reason for this article on how to secure your Android Smartphone.

Some people are so careless with their phones to the extent of allowing other people handle their phone anyhow without any type of security on the phone. No wonder a lot of people's social media accounts are hacked, information compromised and so on. As a reasonable someone, you shouldn't give out your phone without locking places where you have sensitive materials, files or documents. Having said that, let's look at the best ways to secure your smartphone appropriately.


1. Encrypt your android Phone
Data Encryption enables you to protect the important data on your Android phone. As long as your Android phone is running on Android 4.1 or upper version, you can encrypt the data on your phone. To do this, go to phone _Settings > Choose Security option > then tap on the Encrypt phone option_ . Meanwhile, in phones like Gionee M6 that comes with higher security measures like hardware inscription, it is more easier and secured. Gionee claimed that the M6 is worlds most secured phone as at the time of launch.

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2. Lock your Android Apps
Locking your phone applications is another safety tip to secure your Android Phone. All Android phone support several type of password, screen or fingerprint feature on your phone. You have to apply and unique password, PIN, pattern, smartlock for your important Android apps. You can apply password protection on your apps, contacts, messages and other important apps. All un-authorised users does not permit to open your locked apps without your permission.

3. Enable Two-Step Authentication
When applying password, PIN number, fingerprints and other things to lock your phone. You have to use two step authentication also on your phone for even more security. It restricts other users to open your Email, Facebook, Twitter and other sensitive apps easily. You have to enable 2-Step verification on your all Google Accounts. When you or any other person try to open your account you must need to fill the 2-Step verification password. Without filling this code you are not able to open your account.

4. Use Third party App Lock
There are lots of third party app locks on google Playstore that can lock your selected phone apps but i prefer "Du Private Vault" and "App lock for Android". These apps allows you to select and lock any application on your phone. These apps also allow you to lock files, photos as well as other multimedia contents like videos and audio.

5. Use Android Device Manager
Finally, you need to use Android Device Manager on your Android phone to build strong security on your phone. Android Device Manager is used to locate, remotely lock your phone and erase all important things from your phone. If you lost your phone then you can remotely erase all the data from your phone. You can change the screen lock or immediately lock the screen of your Android phone with the help of Android Device Manager. It is that important.

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Phone security is a very necessary measure to protect yourself because your smartphone is yourself in a digital device. Even your chats on WhatsApp and Facebook sometimes contains sensitive messages. Okay, what of your online transaction apps, am sure you wouldn't want another person to have access to it. So kindly apply security tips in other to remain safe.


  1. Thanks bro
    Will try my best on this

  2. Thanks wizy
    Pherhaps this will help in reserving some privacy 🔏

  3. I'm guilty of some of these items mentioned above. I don't lock any of my phones nor do i encrypt the apps.
    If i should start locking my phones and apps now, there won't any peace in the family

  4. Have locked one of my phones that comes with a finger print scanner simply because it was part of the setup process

  5. There was a particular night that I set passwords in my phone and behold i couldn't recall the same password the next day and that lead me to formating it

  6. There was a particular night that I set passwords in my phone and behold i couldn't recall the same password the next day and that lead me to formating it