Bad News: You Will Start Paying Fees For Using MTN Share n Sell

Nigerians to begin to pay for using MTN Share n Sell, a service you can use to send credit from your MTN account to other MTN customers’ account. With Share ‘n Sell, you can keep your family and friends topped up and connected!

Before now, the service was free of charge and its the most convenient way to recharge the lines of your friends and even your own line if you have more than one MTN lines.

Maybe recession has taken its toes on MTN just as it's affecting virtually every other industries. Who would you run to for help? Even the federal government needs help so it's now survival of the fittest and smartest in this country.

Below is the message below sent by MTN in regards to this bad news.
Dear Customer, please be informed that Share n Sell transactions will attract applicable transfer fee, effective January 31, 2017. For details, please call 180.

In summary, we should start paying some fees for doing MTN credit transfers. It's alright. God is watching.


  1. I dont even know what to say wizzy

    I do transfer airtime almost everyday
    Now ibhave to pay for that

    Chinekee is watching...

  2. there's nothing good in MTN at all

  3. Seriously, I don't know what MTN's problem is, ever since the time they did not allow them increase the tariff, they have been normal. Their card is more expensive than the odas. Are they d only network affected by it

  4. seriously MTN no dey try at all very,the do nothing for d comfort of dre customers!

  5. not new nah.. abi we no dey pay for airtel??