Have You Seen Battery with Built-in Fire Extinguisher?

A battery with built-in battery extinguisher has been developed. This is coming few weeks after explosion rocked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones which prompted the instant shut down and discontinuation of the device globally.

Now, the most common issues with Lithium-Ion batteries is its to get very hot while in use, in most cases when not properly taken care off, things gets worst, but this ugly situation is coming to an end as researchers have developed a battery with an inbuilt fire extinguisher and according to an article published on Science Advances titled “Electrospun core-shell microfiber separator with thermal-triggered flame-retardant properties for lithium-ion batteries.” how the battery works is explained.

According to the article, a protective layer with flame retardant properties would melt when battery gets too hot, interestingly, it will pout out fires even before it could start, The material used includes triphenyl phosphate, or TPP. Although this won’t be the first attempt such has been tried to help keep batteries from combustion

However, using TPP inside a battery can take a negative turn on the performance of a battery. but this new method ensures TPP is kept into a more protective shell separating it from the battery until temperatures are very high enough to melt the shell

While this looks more like a preventive measures aim at keeping an exploding smartphone from causing much damage, best solution however remains finding ways to keep battery temperatures from rising at the first instance to dangerous level
Source: liliputing