5 Tips To Find Brands To Work With As a Blogger

Are you a blogger who wishes to attract and work with different brands in a mutual benefit kind of collaboration? Well, I have some tips to help you actualize your dream towards that part. Like I always say... Blogging is not for everyone, it is for the passionate individuals who are not ready to give up when things are not working as expected. Being a successful Blogger is very demanding as you have to sacrifice so many things like your time and social life in order to serve your audience rightly. You also need to spend some cash in the process.

However, if you are already blogging or feels you have the passion and what it takes to become a successful blogger, I am here to reveal the five (5) tips that should present you and your blog as a considerable and marketable business that attracts collaboration from many brands thereby benefiting you financially and otherwise. Once you apply the tips here, the possibility of succeeding as a blogger becomes more realistic.


Stats shows that almost every successful blog in the world has considerable number or large audience. Another word for it is traffic. So focus more on building your site traffic with targeted audience. You have to thrive for a lively and engaged
readership base. Do you know that many companies and organizations study your weblog’s + social media’s platforms to verify if your network is really responding on your content. Ensure to invite questions at the end of your posts, write commonly engaging articles because content is king when it comes to blogging. In fact, content + audience = success blog

It’s way easier to find the brands to partner with if you have a clear niche indicated & appeal to the right kind of audience. Some bloggers make the mistake of been jack of all trades and master of non. If you are good at writing entertainment stuffs, kindly stick with it and let your articles speak. Same way if you are a sporting type, my dear, start writing about sports as there are sporting events happening somewhere in the world every day that you can write on. Also, if your are the type of person that likes agriculture, health, technology etc, simply choose a niche in those categories and focus on it. Brands are likely to contact you if your niche is defined.

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One thing is starting a blog, another thing is been professional. If you need to get the attention of companies to publish articles on your blog, you need to represent yourself properly. Your blog is your business after all.
Start with a professional looking web design. If it demands purchasing a premium professional template, do it. You must use a custom domain like "dot com", "dot org', or "dot net". Gone are the days when bloggers still succeed with a free domain such as blogspot and WordPress extensions.

After that, create professional social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and even whatsapp or Telegram as these companies are more attracted to blogs with huge social media pages. You should also endeavor to include some vital stand-alone pages on your blog such as the "about us, contact us, and privacy policy pages". These makes your blog professional and taken serious by your potential collaborators.

On many emblem websites, you should be able to locate an email address to PR Blogger Collaborations. If it consists of the phone number or name of the person in charge, make sure to apply it while sending an email to them as it creates friendlier
ecosystem right away. Of course, you may always use social media for keeping in touch with smaller manufacturers. But, if you want to land a deal with a larger corporation- have in mind that they address
lots of social media engagements each day, so your message can just wander away within the crowd.

Be yourself. Truly introduce your journey so far, your blog’s targeted market and goals. Give an explanation of what your blog is all about and try to focus on that while writing your blog articles. Sometimes, you won't just relax and be waiting for different brands to contact you. Wake up! Contact those brands you feel have something in common with what you write about. Discuss about potential business or blogging collaboration and who knows, they might consider you and you get paid.

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In conclusion, sponsored articles and business cooperation is one of the ways I make money from blogging so you too should consider and think towards that line as it will help diversify your streams of income as a genuine online business personality. I hope this article helps. Okay, kindly SHARE with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc by hitting the share buttons below.

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