8 Ways to Fix a Frozen Windows Desktop

Doesn’t matter for what purpose you are using a desktop but if it freezes it annoys everyone equally. We all are somehow associated with computers and if a computer freezes it may delay our important tasks. Think you have to rush to airport for your flight and you are trying to print your tickets suddenly your system got freeze. In the other scenario you just want to finish your work quickly as you have to go to pick up your kids from school but you cannot even leave your workstation because your system is freeze. There can be different reasons because of which a system gets freeze. So here are some common reasons for system freezing and fixes which you can apply if you are stuck with your system.


1. Close the suspected program:
If you are overburdening a program on your computer then it is very obvious that this program is responsible for freezing the system. For example, sometimes we open multiple tabs on a web browser which ends with system freeze and end up with killing the program. To avoid such situations, you should take care that you should not over burden any of the program on the computer also keep closing unused programs or tabs on the computer.

2. Use task manager:
If you are in the situation when you system has got freeze then do not forget to take help of the task manager. In most of the cases you will be able to access task manger no matter what is the reason behind freezing of your computer. You can easily access task manager by right clicking on the task bar and selecting “Start task manager” In the default window of task manager you will be able to find non responsive task. If it is not so, then you can go to performance tab and then to resource monitor here you will find deep detail about the programs running on your system with the RAM they are using and with the percentage of CPU they are using. From here you can end up a process taking maximum amount of system resources this will quickly un freeze the system but one thing you need to keep in mind that the process you are ending manually will loss all the unsaved information.
3. Try rebooting your computer:
You can also try your luck with rebooting computer. In most of the cases if your system is freeze then start menu will also freeze still you can give a try to restart the computer from Windows itself. Shutting down computer also having a risk to loose unsaved information. In case soft reboot is not working hard reboot will always work. Press and hold power button for few seconds and you will notice that your system is turned off. Now you can turn it on and then you will be able to work on it smoothly.
4. Fixing freeze keyboard or mouse.
If you are not able to do anything using your keyboard and mouse, then there is a probability that your system is working fine but your key board and mouse has a connection problem. Check light under your optical mouse and press caps lock on your key board to make it sure both of them are working properly.

5. Check for updates.
If you have just removed from freeze system. Then you should check for Windows updates. In updates Windows release patch for software which make them to run smoothly. With the update operating system also becomes immune towards the viruses or malwares. So if your system freezes very often then you must check for operating system updates.

6. Recently installed program may be responsible for system freeze:
If you have recently installed a program or drivers on your computers then it may be because of them that your system has got freeze. Different programs require different hardware to run and if the software requirements of the new software do not match with Operating system on your computer then it may conflict with OS. Sometimes installing multiple anti-virus results in system freeze or blue screen of death. In this case entering to safe mode and uninstalling such program may help a lot.

7. Cleaning temporary or duplicate files:
When we use our computer for a long time our computer collects a bunch of duplicate or temporary files. Clearing such temp files time to time works as a preventive measure to stop the system from freezing. It is recommended the time to time you should clear browsing history of your web browsers and run disk cleanup which helps a lot in clearing temp files from all the drives. To remove duplicates there are duplicate file finder and duplicate photo finder software in market. You can use these duplicate file finders to find duplicates on your computer and they also provide an efficient method to clean duplicates in bulk. File started getting duplicate when we download the same file as an email attachment multiple times. Duplicates may be with different names but some duplicate finders are efficient enough to find duplicates on the basis of content in the files which is really awesome and allows our system to run smooth.

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8. Disconnect power supply if nothing works for your:
If your system has freeze and not even hard power button is working. Then disconnecting the power supply is the last resort. If you have connected a UPS, you can turn on the switch on UPS and your computer will be turned off. If you are on a laptop, then you can remove battery to turn it off immediately. However, it is not a good practice and if you do it very often then it may result is some hardware damage.

This is how you can make your frozen system run. If your system freezes very often and you do not find anything unusual about software, then you should check hardware components and the first thing you need to check is the CPU fan because if it is not working properly system will be over heated and overheating will result in system freezing. A little of time to time maintenance of your computer can keep you away from system freezing.

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