Cameroon Govt Bans Internet, Phone Calls & SMS to Anglophone Regions

Cameroon and its citizens are experiencing what seems to be the toughest time in terms of information communication technology after internet access was restricted in the country. The situation worsened yesterday February 14th when the embassy of the United States in Yaounde, Cameroon published a statement that says “the Government of Cameroon has suspended cell phone and internet service in the Northwest and Southwest Regions”

This simply means, it's not just disconnection of internet services but both phone calls and SMS services. The affected part of the country are the North West and South West regions where internet services were cut off from subscribers. This is because of a strike action by teachers who are protesting the dominance of French-language use in Cameroon.

Apart from that, it's reported that random arrest of citizens by the police in Buea and Bamenda has been going on in some areas.

In other words, the affected region will no longer access the Internet, chat on Facebook, WhatsApp BBM etc. They can not even make phone calls or send SMS. Is that not total darkness?

I was watching TV this morning when a final year student in one of the universities in Cameroon was narrating how this ban is affecting his school project as he had to carry out researches online for the project. Imagine if you are in their shoe now. God help Cameron.