Google Unveils YouTube Mobile Live Streaming

Google has introduced a brand new feature that allows users with 10,000+ followers to go live and interact with viewers in real time using the mobile app. In other words, you can now live-stream via the mobile app.

Google has defined this new feature as “a highlighted message in the chat circulate that sticks out to the gang to get greater of your favorite videos attention”. Live-streaming video will support the abilities of popular video; this means that users can find these live motion pictures the identical manner they could locate every other video. Those movies may even have the equal copyright safety as other videos.

Hopefully this feature will be available to all YouTube users soon; for now it's only available to users with 10,000 or more subscribers. Also, it has a cool function: you may buy highlighted chat messages and pin it to the pinnacle of the chat window for 5 hours within the live move. This would give the viewer a higher threat to get the eye of the video writer, and it allows the creator make some money at the aspect. Every person wins!

This isn't always the primary time that Google has dabbled in live streaming. Don't forget Felix Baumgartner? He's an Austrian skydiver; in 2012, he jumped to Earth from a helium balloon in the stratosphere. He streamed this stunt LIVE on YouTube. Also, final year’s Coachella track pageant inside the u.S. Featured a 360-diploma live flow.

This too attracted thousands and thousands of viewers. Moreover, there are masses of different examples of YouTube live streaming; but, mobile live streaming is the way to move now. Superb one, Google.


  1. Good. but my question is that how to generated some money in YouTube wen I upload vedios.

    1. After creating channel and uploading your original video on YouTube, you apply for Google Adsense for monetization.

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