How To Create a PIN For GTBank 737 Self-Service Short Code

GTBank 737 short-code is a self-service USSD code that allows the bank customers to perform some basic transactions on their accounts such as buying of airtime of any network, fund transfers from one bank account to the other, payment of bills, checking of account balance and lots more.

In fact, all Guaranty Trust Bank customers should be conversant with the code *737# as it's simple and very convenient to use instead of going to bank hall or ATM all the time in order to carry out some tasks. GTBank's 737 shortcode service.

However, GTBank has introduced a '4 digits PIN' for more security in using the 737 short code. This is a welcome development if you ask me. If you recall, i once wrote about the lapses in the shortcode and how to make it more secured when it was introduced in 2016. You can check the article here

Without this new added verification method, someone can steal or hack into your ATM card and use the last 4 digits to have access to your bank account but with this new innovation, it is more secured and am personally liking it.

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Now, before you can complete any transaction using the 737 shortcode, you are required to generate a 4-digit PIN which is unique exclusively to you.


✔️ Dial *737*5# on the phone number that is linked to your account.

✔️ Enter the last 6 digits of your ATM debit card

✔️ Now create your 4-digit PIN
You will be asked for your 4-digit PIN to complete any transactions on the service, so do not forget it.

Once you have your unique 4 digit code, you can now successfully carry out any transaction successfully and more secured.
Remember not to forget the code or disclose it to anyone. Not even your best friend!


  1. This is a welcomed addition to the list of stuffs offered by the bank.

    My GTBANK is basically used for online transactions and paying bills.

    My TOKEN is also handy cos i usually use same to complete all transactions

  2. how to performe this on diamond bank pls

  3. always impressing their customer

  4. always impressing their customers

  5. Although i still have doubts about operating on dis kind of platform

  6. I have bin disappointed on a number of occasions using dis service i just hope dey improve

  7. But for now i do my transactions d old fashioned way until I start getting positives about this platform

  8. Woozy, does GTbank charge for a transaction using their internet banking token device when transferring money?