'Favorite Places List' Feature Has Been Added to Google Map

With 'favorite places list', you can now save your favorite spots in any location in the world. It is a brand new feature that allows you upload your favorite entries, filling station, hotel, bank, ATM etc to a listing of places you need to visit on Google Maps. When you check out this listing later, it's going to tell you which ones of those places are close by. Isn’t that a groovy thing?

This ultra-modern feature was announced on Monday. Basically, it facilitates you don't forget the locations you hope to visit sooner or later. Everyone can get information of that day they wanted a drink actually. With this feature, you no longer have to forget the direction and location of a favorite spot you once visited as Google Maps allows you to feature that vicinity to a list of your favorite places round metropolis. Therefore, you shouldn't omit out on those cool spots in town; add them to the list!

To add a place to the listing, simply open the Google Maps app, click at the aspect menu button, locate the “your locations” choice, open “stored”, and click on the plus signal within the blue circle to the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also upload a place to a new listing by clicking “store”, then selecting “create a new list” in Maps after finding the area. Easy.

Oh, one more thing; you may share these lists with friends. Yay! This makes it less complicated as a way to prepare your sight-seeing trip; the whole lot would be in a single place. Also, you may effortlessly locate these locations, for the reason that app will notify you when any region to your listing is nearby. This is going to be actual amusing, men; you get to be the nearby manual on your folks from out of city. Also, you could comply with different humans’s lists to peer greater exciting places. Google Maps, consequently, just got us on extra social activities guys.
Image credit: techcrunch