Chevrolet Introduces Unlimited Data Plan For 4G LTE Vehicles

Chevrolet has announced a new prepaid data plan for owners of vehicles equipped with an OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that will offer unlimited downloads and uploads.

In doing so, the American automaker will become the first brand to offer a prepaid unlimited data plan, on the back of its customers using more than 4 million gigabytes of data in 2016 and steaming over 17.5 million hours of video.

Starting from March 3, Chevrolet customers are able to get the data plan for just $20 (9000 Naira) per month thanks to AT&T.

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According to the president of GM North America and global head of Chevrolet Alan Batey, “We have contractors bidding jobs in their Silverados, families streaming movies in their Suburbans and Malibus and everyone tapping into the cloud for music.

“With the most affordable unlimited 4G LTE data plan in the auto industry, the widest availability of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and new connected services like OnStar AtYourService, our momentum can only grow.”
Reference: autoreportng


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