Finally, You Can Now Save LIVE Instagram Videos

Latest update allows Instagram users to save live videos directly from the app. The new update is rolling out as 'Instagram version 10.12'

Instagram users will now be able to save live videos. Specifically, the service now lets you save your live videos once the broadcasting has ended.

To save a video, simply tap the Save icon that appears on the top right after your live broadcast has ended. The video will be saved to your phone's camera roll. Note that only the video will get saved. However, don't expect comments, likes and views on that particular video to be saved as well. What you get is only the video. Understand? Good.

Interestingly, this awesome feature is available to both iOS and Android users. Check your respective apps store and update yours today.


  1. something​ I saw video that I love on Instagram but I can't save it. but with this update it will help

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  3. So happy to hear this.

    I've been waiting for dis for a while

  4. Thanks for this post I know many will found it helpful here