How To Find a Stolen Or Missing Android Phone - Easiest Method

If you haven't misplaced or lost your phone before, you won't understand how bad it feels especially when all hopes of getting it back is lost. Thanks to technology and more security improvements in the mobile network industry. Android users can easily locate their lost Android devices remotely.

Meanwhile, before your Android phone can be located when lost, there are certain requirements that must be set in place for it to be possible. One of the major requirements is GPS. Others are stated below.

✔️ Your smartphone’s GPS or location access has to be turned on
✔️ You need to be signed in to your Google Account
✔️ The stolen or missed smartphone must still be turned on
✔️ The stolen smartphone must have an active internet connection, be it mobile data or Wi-Fi
✔️ The stolen smartphone must have been linked to Google by you

Once the above requirements are in place, goto and type "find my phone" and you will be able to achieve the following on your lost phone.

✔️ Make your phone ring out loud (even if it's muted)
✔️ Lock your phone
✔️ Set a password to lock your screen
✔️ Write a note to the finder (optional)
✔️ Try calling your phone
✔️ Sign out on your phone
✔️ Reach out for local help
✔️ Consider erasing your device

Another option is to use Android Device Manager; assuming your smartphone is not linked to Google, you can still locate it if it goes missing or gets stolen. All you need to do is Just visit and sign into your Google account. Android Device Manager will display the approximate location of your smartphone at that particular time (GPS must be ON). With the Android Device Manager, you have the options to go after your using maps, make it ring out or you can even wipe/erase it.

In fact, new Android phones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above comes preloaded with a security feature that allows users locate their stolen or lost phone but you have to setup some stuffs like password, the behavior of the phone when it's lost and even setup automatic snapshots so that once the thief tries to turn on or access the phone, the phone will automatically take his or her picture and send to your gmail account including the location of the person once GPS of the phone is ON.

Also, there is option in some phones like Gionee M6 that allows the owner to set a security feature that sends an sms and email of new sim cards that's inserted on the phone. This means once the phone is stolen and the thief tries to use it by removing the sim and inserting his own, the phone will automatically send sms and email containing the new number to an alternate line set by the phone owner to make it easy contact the thief and possibly locate the phone. You can see how easy it is nowadays.

In conclusion, for this to work perfectly, your GPS should be turned on regularly. Although there are disadvantages as well but the advantage can not be overemphasized. I hope you learnt a new thing today. Help share this by hitting the Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter share buttons below for others to be aware.


  1. This is coming at the right time but this issue of recovering a stolen phone in Nigeria is still a mariage.

    Once a phone is stolen, the next thing is the thief does is to flash it and when that happens, how then will you recover it?

    Another set back is that of turning on GPS, how many of us likes sharing our location with Google?

    1. Wow paul you just nailed everything

      I keep wondering about that too

      Even my phone location has never been turned on before I even deny it

      Anywayay God be with who so ever that is looking for a stolen phone in OUR 9ija


    2. I have just flashed GIONEE A1 for a friend but it looks like it's a stolen stuff.

      So how then will the rightful owner be able to locate his phone?

  2. My next concern is on those flashing phones along the road, they should always demand for a valid receipt or proof of ownership before flashing any phone

    1. Even those that flash phone along road side know very well that the phone is stolen

      All they care is there money
      So no way to stop this bro Paul

    2. But dats d problem.

      Cux dey even know some of there customers that are thiefs

  3. Thats gud too hear from

  4. Replies
    1. Yes brother, but how many of us will care to demand for such things knowing quite well that some other person is willing to flash without asking for any proof of ownership

  5. These is impossible to happens

  6. what about if the phone has been factory reset

  7. I don't believe in this article at all

  8. Nice update by d way.

    Wizy is d man

  9. Even d almighty icloud in iphone which will still recognised as d best security has been bypass by strong engineers talkles of Android security ones u change d stock rom is over for who so ever is looking for it even the new Google frp lock in latest android devices is been bypass

  10. Wizy I don't why approving the comment I made on ur blog is getting long b4 approval? I really feel laziness when I noticed this .

    1. Don't be offended by this please. May be you should suggest to him about having an admin to assist me only in approving comments.