How To Get Etisalat 100% Double Data Bonus On EasyCliq

In a bid to compete with rivals, Etisalat has introduced 100% double data bonus off for subscribers on the Easycliq tariff. In fact, there are three new offers that comes in different packages that favors those that prefers phone calls and those that prefers data plans. So no one is left behind. So you have the option to choose your preferred offer.

Below is what Etisalat has to say about these new packages.
This offer is tagged easycliq #breakfree - it's a new easycliq offer that gives you the freedom to choose your bonus. You can either get 350% bonus for on-net calls, 250% bonus to call all networks or 100% bonus on data plans from 50MB to 500MB.

As you can see, the packages includes the ✔️ 250% bonus
✔️ 350% bonus and
✔️ 100% data bonus.

Follow me as we discuss how the packages works and how to activate any of them.


1. 250% Bonus Package:
Once you activate this package, you enjoy...

✔️ 250% Bonus on every recharge of N100 and above.
✔️ Bonus is split 50:50 for On-net and Off-net calls (50% of the bonus to call only Etisalat lines, while the other 50% to call all networks)
✔️ Recharges less than N100 will get 150% bonus
✔️Bonus is valid for 7days.

2. 350% Bonus Package:
Once you activate this package, you will enjoy...

✔️ 350% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above.
✔️ Bonus account can only be used for on-net calls (you can only use the bonus to call only Etisalat lines)
✔️ Recharges of less than N100 will give 250% bonus for on-net calls only charged at 50k/s
✔️ Bonus is valid for 7days.

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3. 100% Data bonus on some data plans:
Once this package is activated, you enjoy...

✔️ 100% data bonus on selected data plans purchased (your data will be doubled when you buy data of 50MB to 500MB) while the main data can be used at any time, the bonus data can only be used from 10:30PM-5:00AM daily. Just like a night plan lol.
✔️ 100% Data bonus will be granted on data plans from 50MB to 500MB. Bonus can only be used during off-peak periods.
✔️ Data bonus will not be granted on already discounted data bundle plans such as social me, campus data offer etc.
✔️ Data bonus will be valid for 7days.


First Step: You have to be on the Easycliq Tariff plan and if you are not yet on this plan, you can migrate by dialing *244*1#

Second Step: After that, dial *545# to select your preferred package from the list and you are good to go.

Meanwhile, I noticed the call rate is way too expensive. 40kobo/s from your main account and 50kobo/s from the bonus account... If you can manage that, then the choice is yours.

Etisalat just need to step up their game in terms of data services. They are currently the network with most expensive data offers and here again, they have launched double data offer specifically for selected data plans not more than 500 Naira plans while MTN is giving double data bonus on any amount of that plan one subscribes to. You can check out MTN double data bonus here

What do you think about this plan?


  1. etisalat as come with another useless double data plan. everything about etisalat is expensive.

    1. Everything about them are really expensive

      I can never sub under them

  2. Hahaha who good idea .
    But I already enjoyed my Mtn double data offer

    1. Mtn though they are stingy too when it comes to cheat

      But you see in sub after GLO they follow

      Etisalat is just waisting there time cus nobody will sub fr this thing

  3. Wizy u are the best when it comes to tech

  4. Not until Etisalat stops there stingy life I will never sub under them or recommending any of there sub for my friends

  5. hmmmm Etisalat dey too stingy.
    but dis double data is so useless .
    mtn double data is d best ...

  6. Etsalat has to do more than this,the double data should be in every data plan

  7. dis is too hard are 2 stuborn

  8. Just observing things as they unfold

  9. It's too expensive I don't like the terms and conditions

  10. please Admin, i need the etisalat data code for the 50 mb

  11. The only data plan I like on Etisalat is #500 for 500mb for 1month..... so with the double data it'll be 1gig