How To See Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile

Do you know you can check and see who viewed your WhatsApp profile? Yes you might be wondering how possible this is, well, in this post, I will reveal the trick for you today. Recall that there is also a trick to achieve this on Facebook ad wall.

Well, it's very clear that there is no feature or settings on WhatsApp to achieve this so we will make this possible with the aid of a third-party application called WhatsApp Tracker. It is a useful app which allows you to track a user who visited your WhatsApp profile. With this app, you can see the person's name, phone number, and even their location on the map. Below are the steps to know who viewed your whatsapp profile.


1. First of all, download and install Whats Tracker app apk

2. Once the app is installed, launch it . Check there are three options available in Whats Tracker window which are "Contacts, Visited & Visitor".

✔️ Contact: This option allows you to check or view the contact list which is stored at your Android phone.

✔️ Visited: Visited option allows you to quickly checkout the WhatsApp contacts whom profile you have visited.

✔️ Visitors: Visitors allows you to checkout who viewed your WhatsApp profile.

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Additionally, you can use the "Location Tracker" feature if you have pro version of the app. It allows you easily track your WhatsApp contact location without using the GPS.

With that premium feature, you can simply trace the location, call, send any messages either from WhatsApp or from normal messenger to any person.

The pro version offers even more features like delivery daily contact updates unlike the weekly updates you get on the free version.

This app works flawlessly on android phones running Android 4.1 version of above. It's available on Playstore and the app size is just 8.95mb.