iTel Mobile Introduces 'iTelPrenuer' To Promote You and Your Business

itel Mobile has launched #itelprenuer, a platform to promote Small and Medium Enterprises for FREE.

Do you have a small business in Creative Art (Painting and Craft), Fashion, Photography and Footwear making? Then this is for you. itel Mobile is supporting talented people with extraordinary business acumen and drive.

A selected business owner will be featured and promoted on all iTel social media pages as the itelpreneur of the week and that person can be you.


Click on this link iTelPrenuer to submit your business profile.
T&C applies


  1. Wow!

    Nice marketing strategy from itel

  2. this development will help marketing​ from the grass root. good one from Itel mobile

  3. Since the hunters have started learning how to shoot without missing, then the birds have also learn how to fly without perching.
    This particular marketing strategy is one in town and it will go along way in promoting the use of Itel products. and others should please take note of this development

  4. Thanks for this post I know many will found it helpful here