Meet Xiaomi Smart Shoe Powered By Intel Processor

Xiaomi has unveiled a smart shoe called the “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear” which is powered by Intel chipset. Xiaomi is known for their technological innovations ranging from impressive Android smartphones, smartwatches, drones and even Xiaomi Smart Foldable Bicycle

The shoe have a 60 day battery life. The shoe can track your movement - from walking or running, even climbing. A complete report of distance covered, your speed and calories burned while wearing the shoe will be shown to you.

The shoes have air cushions, anti-skid features, soles with an arch design and antibacterial insoles. They come in four color options and will be available when the smart shoes launch in mid April 2017. The Black and Surf Blue are for men while the Black and Pink colors are for women. A special Blue Edition glows in the dark for all of the likeness of night runners.

A pair of the Shoe will cost you CNY 300 in Chinese Yuan (equivalent to $44/€41)
You can place a pre-order on Mi Home the expected shipping date is April 15. These are China-only for now, if it wasn’t clear.

Source gsmarena


  1. This is a welcomed development for our sports lovers.
    My only concern now is that we Nigerians might end up being the highest buyers of this shoe because we are unable to compete with them technologically

  2. Even shoes has turn smart,when will they lunch this one in Nigeria cus its not only China that deserve good things like this

  3. Beautiful one of the kind

    When will this come to Nigeria kinda love to buy

  4. I can't wait to see this shoe in Nigeria market.

  5. chaiiii technology......
    4rm smart phone
    2 smart watch
    2 smart tv
    now smart shoes ........
    expecting smart shirt &trouser

    1. Exactly bro

      It's gonna be cool when everything turns smart