WhatsApp Text Status Update Is Back and Better

WhatsApp has returned back the text status feature which was removed and replaced by a photo-and video-based Status update in February. The return of the text status is now available courtesy of the latest updates of the app in playstore.

This change was Imminent as many people didn't fancy the new photo and video update style which expires after just 24 hours so there was so many negative reviews for that. Now whatsapp has no choice than to bring back the Text update feature and it's even better now as both the text, photos and video updates are all available in this latest update, meaning non was forfeited for another.


✔️ Head over to google playstore and download the latest version of WhatsApp or you can simply download it from here

✔️ Launch it and tap on the Settings option,

✔️ Now click on “About and phone number” section and set a text status—just as you used to before.

You can set a text-based status, or choose from default status options such as Available, Busy and Urgently call only.

WhatsApp is world's most popular instant messaging app for smartphones. In a latest stats provided by research firm Statista in January 2017, WhatsApp has 1.2 billion active users globally. A massive increase from 700 million active users it had at the same time last year.

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WhatsApp rivals such as WeChat (846 million), Snapchat (300 million) and Skype (300 million) are far behind. The only major and real competitor is Facebook messenger, which has about 1 billion active users globally. Remember that both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is owned by same person, Mark Zuckerberg.


  1. Same goes to you wizy you never liked the photo status totally

    Even me self

  2. Replies
    1. We the users of Gbwhatsapp nest wait for the modder of the said app to release his own update

    2. I loved that GB WhatsApp

      But I keep having double mind since I noticed that WhatsApp gold is a big fat malware I had to delect my GB cus its not the official whatsapp

  3. I just download this update is cool

  4. Pls guys i have been trying to get my phone number verification on Whatsapp but they haven't sent me the code,i. even requested for there call but they didn't call me....I have been trying this for the past 5days now,but yet they didn't send the code......pls is there anything i can do?

    1. Make sure the number linked to ur whatsapp is correct and also accessible by u. Make sure the number also accepts sms. Once the above requirements is complete, you should receive the notification

  5. WhatsApp is getting more acceptance all over the world after its was owned by Facebook CEO mark zukerberg