You Can Now Receive Up To 50MB File Attachment On Gmail

Google has increased the allowable size of files to be received on Gmail from 25mb to 50mb and I see this as a very welcome development because most times we get stocked on receiving files larger than 25mb but that is gone now.

However, there is a twist to the whole thing. You are only allowed to receive files up to 50mb but the sending size limit will remain the same at 25MB, this is because Google recommends that users who wish to share files larger than 25MB, should use Google Drive. Recall that Google Drive allows users to share files upto 5TB in size, given that the user's drive account has ample storage.

According to Google, the full rollout of the increased file sizes feature will be finished in 1-3 days for all Gmail users all over the globe.


  1. I'm finding difficulty why attached some documents. I use to receive massage saying that I can't be sent because security purpose.

  2. Good adea by Google . keep updating it

  3. Can I send a mp3 or mp4 file through my gmail help me out wizzy

    1. All are attachments bro

      You can send those

  4. Wow This a good development from Google

    I had totally taken off my mind from sending file through my gmail

    Cus once it exceeded 25 mb your waisting your time

    Am glad to see this update.thanks bro

  5. nice....... we expect 2 be 1gb

  6. nice but would have been better if sending was also included

  7. Great idea and wonderful information. Thank You for sharing.