You Can Now Stream Video Attachments on Gmail Without Downloading

Google has introduced a new feature that allows Gmail users to stream video attachments sent to them without first downloading it. This interesting update is coming after Gmail app started supporting file attachments up to 50mb last month.

This awesome feature will be rolling out publicity in the next 15 days to all Gmail users. Video streaming capability for attachments will undoubtedly make the web-based client from google even more useful to users. In a bombshell, you will no longer need to download a video attachment in order to watch it.

Once it's available, video attachments will display a thumbnail from the clip. When you double-click on that, the content will just start streaming inside a video player that's very similar to the one YouTube uses. This lets you adjust the playback speed and videos are delivered by default at optimal quality. It's akin to what happens in Google Drive when you double-click on a video file. In fact, powering the new feature is the same infrastructure that's behind YouTube and Drive's streaming functionality.


  1. The inability of our ISP to offer us unlimited data has barred some of us from making use of streaming videos.

    How will i stream videos with my 2g network?

    1. Yea paul

      There is some sence in what you just said

      I keep wondering what I will do with 2g data bundle

  2. I Love this updates from Google

    Last was size Of file and now stream video without downloadung it

    That's cool love it
    Nice update wizy

  3. I love Google everything about​ Google

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