Your iPhone Not Charging Fast? Try This 3 Tips

Is your iPhone charging slowly? Does it take forever before it gets fully charged? Worry no more as these tips can boost your device battery charging time once applied.

One of the advantages of Android phones over iPhones is the fact that most new Android phones comes with built-in fast charging technology that gives the phones quick charge within few minutes or hours but no iPhone currently supports this (as at the time of writing this article). Maybe we will see this feature soon on new iPhones. Here is 3 simple tips to make your iPhone charge faster.


1. Make Use an iPad charger
The iPad charger is built differently from the iPhone charger. It supplies 12W and 2.1A of power compared to the iPhone charger, which carries just 5W and 1A of power. Also, the iPad charger is compatible with all Apple mobile devices.

2. Charge your iPhone in Low Power Mode
This mode reduces the performance of the device and prolongs the battery life. When charging with the Low Power mode on, the charging speed increases.

3. Turn on Airplane Mode
This turns off all forms of wireless connections on your device. Charging your iPhone with Airplane Mode turned on means that you will not get any notifications whatsoever. However, that’s but a small price to pay to charge your iPhone faster, isn’t it?

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Once you apply any or all of the above tips, you will notice a dramatic improvement in charging your iPhone.


  1. I will agree with points 2 and 3 but not on point 1.

    Research as shown that using a high powered or rated charger to charge a phone that wasn't meant for will eventually affect the battery.

    Have we cared to ask ourselves why the manufacturer had put that sort of charger there in the first instance

    1. Hello Paul,I want to correct the wrong impression you have about the charging technology of android devices.
      This new devices have charging circuits that have been programmed to charge the device with a certain voltage, this way- no matter the capacity of the charger used to charge the device the circuit would only allow the programmed amount of maximum voltage and amp to pass through.

      This circuit doesn't allow a higher that is capable of damaging the battery to get into the device.

      You can understand more about this by reading The Fastest Way To Charge Your Smartphone

      I hope you now understand.

  2. this update will be useful for iPhone users

  3. Helpful.

    Dat airplane mode can also b used by ofa phones

  4. Helpful

    Airplane mode can also be used by oda phones

  5. Thank you very much . but I phone are very expensive

  6. Pls can I get help on how make my infinix hot note charge fast

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