3 Ways To Fix “There Was A Problem Communicating With Google Servers” Error

One of the common Android issues is the one that's associated with Google Playstore and other Google apps which usually bring out error message saying “There Was A Problem Communicating With Google Servers” making it impossible for you yo sign in to your google account whenever an app is launched . Previously on this blog we had tackled similar Android issues like Playstore download error 198. You can check that out.

So if you are unable to use any of the Google apps on your phone because of this error, worry no more as I have tested and working solutions for you. By the time you have tried out any of the 3 methods below, the issue should be fixed and you should be able to sign in to your google services without errors again.


✔️ Assuming you are already signed in to a Google Account on your Android device, sign out.
✔️ Then go to settings -> Apps, and clear cache and data of the following apps: Google App, Google Play Store, and Google Play Services.
✔️ After that, go back to settings –> Account, and sign in to your Google account again.
You should be able to login and use any Google services without that error popping up again. Meanwhile, if this method didn't fix it for you, head over to the second method below.


You can fix the "Problem communicating with Google servers" error by reinstalling Google Play Services. It is a simple process.
Just follow below steps:

✔️Go to Settings -> Security -> Check Unknown sources
✔️ Now get the version of Google Play Services compatible with your Android device version via this APK Mirror page.
✔️ Download and install the app
✔️ After that, sign in to your Google account again.
Once you have done that, your Google Play services should be working perfectly without errors popping out again. However, if the issue still continues, then you should consider trying this rather complicated method below.


This method is more complicated and requires rooting access so your Android device must be rooted. So there are more risks attached to this method especially if you are a newbie when it comes to rooting and some advanced Android Tweaks. Therefore, you are totally responsible for indulging in this method as it requires some technical skills.

Below is how to do it.
✔️ Go to Settings -> Accounts, and remove your Google account.
✔️ Run a search for ES File Explorer or Root Explorer apps. Download either and install it to your device. They are available online.
✔️ Open Root Explorer. In the main window, use the mount option to mount it as read and write
✔️ Go to Device Root–system–etc–Press hosts file and “open in text editor”
Erase everything in that file and replace it with: localhost.
Save the file and exit

Note if you don't have Google Play Services installed on your phone, click on this APK Mirror link to get the version that is compatible with your Android phone version.

Finally, sign in to your Google account and you should be able to use Google apps and services without any errors again.

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