4 Apps Used For Sending Anonymous SMS Messages

Whether you want to send anonymous messages to people or you want to prank somehow by hiding your real identity while sending sms, these apps will help you achieve these tasks effectively without much hassle.

Technology has made the world an easier place to dwell in with virtually everything computerized and made simple by just typing, clicking or using the mouse.

One of the highlights of technological impact to human life is the ability to send sms and instant chats with friends globally. These messages are delivered immediately within seconds of sending them no matter where the sender or recipient is residing.

Moreover, one of the most popular sms tricks used in recent times is bulk sms where you can send a particular text to thousands of recipients automatically at the same time. No need to send it individually or separately but in this particular post, we will be looking at how to send anonymous messages from your phone to other people's phone with the use of apps listed below.


Yik Yak app allows you to send prank messages without revealing your identity. However, it makes use of GPS to functional effectively. This means it uses Location services to be able to communicate with people within your environment. You can download Yik Yak apk

SnapChat is a popular social media photo sharing app which uses a dedicated camera app used to send short video clips and pictures that disappear shortly. But what some people don't know is that, they can use Snapchat to send anonymous messages to their friends. Unfortunately, you are only allowed to send 140 characters, and it works only on Android devices. download snapchat apk

3. MUSTACHE ANONYMOUS TEXTING This crazy app can be used to send jokes and texts to your pals and colleagues anonymously. It works well with tablets that do not have SIM cards. Although the first 5 messages are free, but after that, you start paying per text. You can download mustache anonymous texting from playstore.

Burble is yet another popular app for sending anonymous messages to your friends. People see it as a secured app that lets you share thoughts anonymously with anyone. The app is also available on app store. You can download Bubble on your phone and enjoy.

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So there you have them, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. At times you might feel to do some pranks to your friends without revealing your identity, these apps are your padi padi for achieving that.