Difference Between Water Resistant and Water Proof Phones

The popular Nigerian slangs "Water no get enemy" is not applicable to mobile phones and other electronic devices because once water enters inside a smartphone, it could render it completely useless if nothing was done immediately. But thank God for the advance in technology as In recent times, some phone OEM decided to make phones that can withstand the dangerous effects water on them either when immersed or when being beaten by the rain.
Water Proof vs water resistant phones
Water Resistant Phone
However, the confusing part of it is some of these phones are tagged "water resistant" while some are tagged "water proof" by the manufacturers. So I want to use this medium to clarify you and enlighten you on the difference between water resistant and water proof phones.

Another tech term we usually come across whenever phones with this feature are released is "IP68 certifications". So let's take a closer look of what it means and how it's related to this topic.

Meaning of IP68 certification

This certification is given to electronic devices that passes a certain level of test specially meant to check if the device is dust proof and water proof. In other words, all IP68 certified handsets are water proof.

But why do manufactures use the word water resistant and sometimes water proof?

Smartphone makers refers phones that are IP68 certified, and are designed in such a way that the ports are sealed (ports like audio jack, micro USB etc) come with a rubber cover that seals off the opening as water proof phones.

While they refer phones with IP68 certification and ports not closed as water resistant.

Difference Between Water Proof Vs Water Resistant

If your phone is IP68 certified and have all its ports sealed with a rubber material, it is water proof.
But if your phone is IP68 certified and all or some of the ports are open, it is water resistant.

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So in conclusion, there is really no much difference, a IP68 certified handset will survive under water as long as the basic requirements are fulfilled i.e. max depth / time under water etc.

Meanwhile, you need to be extra careful with the handset that are water resistant or the one that does not come with the ports sealed. You need to dry such handsets if they were submerged, and never plug in the power for charging for at least 24 hours – you need to be sure the ports are completely dry.

For handsets with ports sealed you don’t have to worry about, only thing is to make sure that the ports are sealed before using handset under water. You can watch the video below for more clarification:

Which category is your cell phone?


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