Thursday, April 27, 2017

How To Get The SOLO ASPIRE M Smartphone Free From Airtel

Airtel Nigeria which is fondly called "the Smartphone Network" is giving away brand new SOLO Aspire M Android smartphone to their customers who subscribe to a special smartphone bundle. According to Airtel Nigeria:

with just N4150 every month for 12 months, that’s all you need to enjoy the complete package of 1GB data, 60min calls, 60 SMS, unlimited social plus a free Solo Aspire M smartphone. Visit Airtel showroom and partner stores to get yours. #GoSolo

How Can I Get the SOLO Aspire M Free?

✔️ Walk into an Airtel retail store and subscribe to the "special Smartphone bundle". The special Smartphone bundle gives you 1 GB data plan, 60 minutes voice call, 60 SMS and unlimited Social Media access for 30 days.
✔️ You will need to present the following: Government-issue ID, Utility bill, and BVN.
✔️ Once subscribed, you get your Aspire M

NOTE: You are required to recharge your line with N4,150 every month for 12 months on the specified date or else your Aspire M will be locked. Whenever you load the airtime, the phone gets unlocked.

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Hahahahahahaha, in as much as this offer sounds too good, don't forget the fact that you have to be paying N4,150 for one year which is equivalent to N49800. Like seriously? On a smartphone of 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory and other low specs? Airtel must be kidding. I don't know about you.


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    1. If i may ask why sir?? you meant the Airtel free smartphone offer Airtel free smartphone offer isn't for men like you? or you felt cheated ?? either ways, it pays some people, consider those who would love to grab an android phone but kinda short on cash, with this offer, you get to pay for 12months which still sounds cool to me thou, Its just like that MTN Lumos Solar Panel abi na Mobile Electricity them call ham

  2. nice one, Thanks airtel for this offer

  3. This is not a welcome development judging from the amount one has to pay for it everyday

  4. I will only participate is am in the dream world. They must be joking

  5. in dis recession don crazy ..........dis not freee it just bussiness ...............
    make airtel do dis bussiness on good phone abeg

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    2. Yea that's the new policy in Nigerian banks but you can get a dollar card from your bank and say goodbye to the 100 USD limit on foreign transactions.

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    3. Thanks for the response. Could you please come up with a guide on the dollar card since it could also be useful to others.

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    4. Thanks for the response. Could you please come up with a guide on the dollar card since it could also be useful to others.

      Or you can drop a detailed guide via my Facebook Inbox so that i can read and then place my other.

    5. Hi Paul, to get Dollar card in Nigeria, you need to open a Domiciliary account with your bank in Nigeria. After that, request for a dollar ATM card abd it shall be given to you. The interesting thing is you can load it with USD and use for transactions with linking ur main domi account.

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  8. I was already thinking to my self that "wizzy dey craze o" until I saw ur opinion on the so called offer...

    ... 49,800! my ass