MTN Recharge Card Prices Not Increased, Same Price

Some people have started selling MTN recharge card at a higher price again instead of the official prices. I noticed this on December last year and they have started again this time. When I asked some of the Airtime sellers why they are selling at a higher price, they said it's because of "recession". Wonders shall never end.

So Note that MTN recharge card prices are still the same, not increased, so don't allow anybody to deceive you and open office on your head. Some topped N10 while some topped N20 from the officially stipulated prices for the recharge cards all in the name of recession.

✔️ N100.00
✔️ N200.00
✔️ N400.00
✔️ N500.00
✔️ N1000.00
MTN Recharge cards
MTN recharge cards
Anything above these prices, don't buy!

MTN frowned at this latest development and went ahead to issue some statement on social media to create awareness for their customers in order not to fall victim of buying credit at a higher price. In their words

Dear Customers, Please note that we sell airtime at their exact value. Be On-point and pay face value on all MTN recharge cards. Take advantage of our VTU services, MTN Ondemand and your Diamond Yello Account to recharge your phone. Same prices, everywhere you go #MTNOnPoint

Although, personally, I can't remember the last time I bought airtime from street sellers as technology has made it very easy to recharge your phone without stepping out. I mean there are many alternatives and platforms to recharge your phone whether you are connected to the Internet or not.

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I hope those articles will be of great help for you. Even when they are selling cards at higher prices in your street, shun them and purchase airtime right from your phone comfortably.


  1. If MTN increase their recharge card price I think many people would dump them ,cox we don't get anything from them , and they kept on deducting out money without reason

    1. The price increases is not effected by MTN but rather by our local resellers

  2. We are buying cards at a higher price