New Glo Data Plans: 50% Data Volume Reduction Applied

Glo has reduced their data plans volume to an unprecedented 50% to the dissatisfaction of their subscribers who have been enjoying almost double of the data volume which other networks in Nigeria offers. Am yet to deduce the reason for this sudden upturn from our usual data friendly indigenous network provider. Maybe recession or something else, I can't just tell for now.
New glo data plans
Before this new data review, Globacom on the Glo’s "Always Micro plan" would spend N1,000 to get 3.2 GB of data for 30 days. But right now, it's been reduced to just 1.6 GB at the same price. Which translates to a 50% slash in data volume. Same thing is applicable to subscribers on "Always Min", your N5,000 will no longer get you 24 GB of data but just 12 GB.

Note that this data plan revision affects both 3G and 4G data bundles, so it doesn’t matter which is your preferred. You get a 50% cut in data volume across board. This brings Glo’s data plans down to the same level as what you get from any of the other members of the Big Four networks. For instance, N1,000 on MTN or Airtel will get you 1.5 GB of data while Etisalat remains as the most expensive data network in Nigeria (as at the time of this report) because with N1000, you get just 1gb but you are assured of great browsing and downloading speed experience.
Glo 4g data plans
Glo data plans
Well, I think Glo just made a very bad decision that will hurt them in the near future because most people that were subscribing for their data bundles did so because of the tempting data volume attached to it but now it's removed, I think some people will have a rethink and switch back to a more faster network. Unless those in areas with better Glo network.


Glo has made it more clear in a new tweet stressing that this newly revised data plans is effective if you fail to resubscribe after 3 days your current data got expired. In other words, if you subscribe for a new data plan immediately your active plan expires, you will still enjoy the former data bundle rates.

What do you think about this new change? Is it the CHANGE we wanted? 😁 this change of a thing is affecting every sector of this country. God help our nation.


  1. This is another marketing strategy aimed at forcing all subscribers to always immediately their data expires.

  2. They have broken my heart,wizy is mtn 100% bonus still working?

  3. d problem is glo network not gud in my area

  4. baba wizy how can I upgrade my Gretel u5 v5.1 to 6.0

  5. Because of their generous data I still managed to use their network
    But now they have done this, I think am moving to another network for better 3g cuz I don't c much difference between their competitors

    Thanks Oga wizzy for the information.

  6. I'm on their 1k plan now what if I want to sub for 2500? Without waiting for d 1k plan to expire will still get 10gb ? Or 5gb

  7. This decision is not the best they would have adopted..... All this while I stuck with Glo just for the issue of the data plans..... With this decision.. Many customers will divert to a reliable network..... Not only is their service poor.... they've now worsened it by this annoying decision..... Their management should study the statistics and see how many customers they'll lose after they've implemented this irrational decision....... Sometimes you'll have to raise your arms very high above your head like someone taking selfie in search of service....... I Pity them..... Cause I've diverted already.... No returning.... Until they get back to their senses.....