News Flash: Lagos Computer Village Relocated To Kantangowa

The most popular ICT market in Africa - Ikeja Computer Village Lagos has been moved to ICT park, Katangowa in Agbado. This recent update was also confirmed by Lagos State Government in a series of tweets about the relocation.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time the Government has disclosed a relocation plan — the first was in 2013.

However, given the recent actions by the Lagos State Governor, it is quite plausible that the relocation might take place sooner than expected.

The reasons for relocation was also stated, they intend to control environmental degradation, housing stock deficit and traffic congestion in the Ikeja axis.

It should be noted that Katangowa is bigger than Computer Village, as the market covers about 26 hectares of land. However, it does have a disorganized setting with most of the traders dealing in second-hand clothes, don’t get me started on the distance.
Sources: Wikipedia, Techpoint]


  1. Commendable effort by the able Governor of the state.

  2. in fact I never get there but I know its largest all over Africa , and too if this relocation leads to a new development ,we welcome it then

  3. thank God of.. so computer village is now at the back of my house

  4. Alaba GSM village will gain more recognition now. The distance is too far. Customers consider distance too. The initiative to relocate the market is quite a good one but the planed location is not idea. The should consider customers coming from other country to transact their businesses. I wonder why in this country we must all go through one difficulty or another either to get something done or get something.