12 Wema Bank ALAT Features & Things You Don't Know About It

If you are not yet making use of ALAT App from Wema Bank, you might be missing a lot. Maybe you ignored it because you already had accounts with other Nigerian banks but I bet you, the experience and feeling of being your own customers care service, account administrator, far outways what other regular banks offers.
Alat app features
WEMA Bank ALAT is Nigeria's first full digital banking platform that allows you creat account, manage your account, get your ATM card, Receive and send money without visiting the bank office. Normally, in a regular bank, when you start the process of creating a new account with them online, after filling some data online, you still need to visit the bank physically in person to fully activate the account, the same goes to when you decide to apply for ATM card, but with Alat app, you can do all these and get your card delivered to your house free of charge.

However, I noticed Wema bank is not really publicizing this great platform the way it supposed to be as most people are still ignorant of such service so I want to use this opportunity to enlighten us of the features of this Alat innovation from Wema bank.

Note, before coming up with this, a friend of mine has just created account, got his debit card delivered to his house, he has funded the account as well as withdraw from it all at no cost. The name of the guy is Alex from Delta State. I sight you my guy😁


1. Open an account in less than 5 minutes.

2. Upload or snap your passport with your phone and send

3. Sign your signature on a paper and snap with your phone and send for account creation

4. Your BVN is needed for authentication

5. Schedule transfers and bill payments.

6. Save easily with automated goal saving.

7. Free bank card delivery anywhere in Nigeria. (Get your ATM card delivered to your doorstep)

8. Control your bank card from your phone.

9. Works with all Nigerian bank cards.

10. Pay bills automatically

11. No hidden charges.

12. Up to 10% interest on savings.


First of all, Download Alat App

Therefore if you're tired of regular old banks and you want to take control of your money, ALAT is for you. Join us!

You can get even more information on https://alat.ng. For enquiries and help, send mail to help@alat.ng or call 0700CALLALAT.

Note that you requires a working internet connection. SMS and data charges may apply


  1. Priceless information

  2. Replies
    1. The normal method of depositing money to bank accounts or via online transfers

  3. Wizyi have already been using the WEMA ALAT app for over a month now.
    WelWell its Good to let the public know about it.
    Nice one Wizy.

  4. I'm gonna try it out next month when my salary is paid.

  5. Thanks I think its a useful post

  6. Although this is a welcome development, i will still visit the bank to carry out all documentations and after that, all my transactions will be carried out via the app.

  7. I registered over two weeks ago but my account still bears 'restricted' bcos dy r scrutinizing my contact information

  8. Wow I dont know about this app

    Thanks wizy for updating this will download now