50 Best Offline Android Games, No Internet, No Problem

There are lots of great Android games but some of them requires Internet connection to work but what happens if you don't have data, wifi, or good internet service in your location? This is why I have listed the top best offline games for Android devices that you can play without internet on your phone.

Some games that requires internet usually features Multiplayer mode and real-time event gameplays but offline games are also great with amazing features.
Best offline Android games

✔ No need of internet connection
✔ No need for data subscription in order to play
✔ No need for available free Wifi to connect
✔ It doesn't drain your battery so fast
✔️ Less risk of malware attack
✔️ Your phone won't heat up much compared to when you play online games
✔️ It's fun!


✔ Most of them doesn't support Multiplayer Mode
✔️ Sometimes it's boring playing games without real-time events.


1. N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition
2. Implosion – Never Lose Hope
3. The Walking Dead: Season Three
4. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
4. 1979 Revolution Black Friday
6. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus
7. Turbo League
8. Bike Unchained
9. Asphalt 8: Airborne
10. CSR Racing 2
11. Traffic Tour
12. Assassin’s Creed Pirates
13. Epic Citadel
14. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown
15. BadLands 2
17. Oceanhorn
18. Samorost 3
19. Alto’s Adventure
20. Lost in Harmony
21. First Touch Soccer
22. Game Of Thrones
23. Real Racing 3
24. Brothers- A Tale Of Two Sons
25. Batman- The Dark Knight Rises
26. Ravensword Shadow lands
27. Wild Blood
28. Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas
29. Mortal Kombat X
30. Modern Combat 4
31. Virtual Tennis Challenge
32. This War Of Mine
33. Fifa 14
34. Deus Ex
35. Need For Speed-Most Wanted
36. Stargate Esp 1
37. Shadow Fight 2
38. Lara Croft Go
39. Ww2k15
40. Limbo
41. King Arthur- Legend Of The Sword
42. Call Of Duty- Strike Team
43. GTA San Andreas
44. God of War
45. Dungeon
46. Aralon: sword and shadow
47. Dead trigger, backstab
48. Need for speed:most wanted
49. Dead target
50. Godfire

You can download any of the games above via this blog's game page or by simply searching for them on search engines.

Did I omit any interesting Android offline game? Let us know your favorite games via the comments section.


  1. lolzzz yes ooo you no put mario

  2. The link had since been shared with one of my boys that likes playing games.

    I will then ask him to comment if there is any missing game.

    Thanks for the update

  3. Just after this post, i discovered that some silent considerations were left out and i want to point them out.

    Any person whose RAM is less than 1gb should stay away from heavy games.

    Phones with low ROM and poor graphics display should also stay away from heavy games.

  4. I'm a huge game lover, don't have a console yet or a very powerful PC but with my Samsung I enjoy some really good games and I watch others play awesome games on YouTube.. I think you missed really good games like Anomaly 2, XCOM, reckless racing 2 & 3, Hitman sniper, Man of Steel, Gangstar Vegas, epoch 1 & 2, dead effect 1, dead space, death race, Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy (really good game) etc... you're welcome.

    1. Hi Ibrahim, thanks for your opinion and the games listed.

  5. Well,The best for me is Asphalt8 love the graphics

  6. nice update thanks bro wizy am also game lover

  7. First Touch Soccer be no1 on my menu, lil-kesh voice, lol

  8. Thanks for the update wizy

    Most of the games had played them was good with games back then

    Anyway when ever I feel bored will come pick any from here.

  9. Mine na implosion never lose hope best game ever. But I need full unlock version any1 with the link for it plzzz