Beware of Fake Nokia 3310 (2017) In Circulation

Remember Nokia 3310 that was rebranded recently and launched at the MWC this year 2017? There is now a fake version in circulation and if you are not careful, you might end up purchasing the wrong one.

The clone version of Nokia 3310 (2017) is designed in such a way that it can confuse you and you may mistake it to the original so that's the reason am revealing this to you so that you can spot the few difference between the fake and original Nokia 3310.


Look at the image below, it shows the fake on the left and the original version on the right.

1. The first noticeable difference is the homescreen. It's clearly visible to be outlined differently.

2. On the fake, the menu button is located on the left instead of the middle

3. The “Go to” button is missing as well.

4. The screen quality is also low

5. The fonts are different.

6. The keyboards are different, the keys are smaller and are coated with black ink on the fake unlike that of the original which are bigger and are coated in silver.

7. In design, the body of the fake is coated in a paint of yellow that appears dull compared to the original. This last difference might not be very visible to those who have difficulties distinguishing colors but the others mentioned above should help.

So guys, now you know there is a fake version of the new phone so be vigilant and don't be deceived if you are even planning to get the new Nokia Legendary feature phone. You can checkout the full specifications and price of the New Nokia 3310


  1. Thanks wizy keep doing the great job

  2. but why all this in the market. thanks for the updating

  3. Yeah i will agree with you that this update is helpful

  4. .... Thanks but this sort of phone is not my kind of phone.