How To Configure Google Voice On Your iPhone

Contrary to most people's opinion that the google app won't work on iOS devices, the truth is you can use Google Voice on your iPhone or iPad. We will show you how to setup and configure it on your device.

Google Voice is a useful app for making international calls, sending texts and voice mail. It is easy to setup on iPhone and you can sign up for a Google number with the app. Below guides is how to set up Google Voice on your iPhone:

✔ Download the app from the App Store.
✔️ Launch the app and tap Sign In. you need to have a Google account to sign in, though.
✔️ Read and accept the terms and conditions.
✔️ Tap on the Search icon and choose your city of origin, then tap on select to get a Google Voice number.
✔️ Enter the phone number you’re currently using. This is in order to end and receive calls. Google will verify your number by sending you a code.


The app is easy to use. There are four tabs available; in the bottom for calls, messages, leaving a voicemail and reading your message transcripts.

So, to make a call and send texts on Google Voice, you need credit. To add credit to your account, launch the app, then tap on the More icon at the top right corner, then select Settings. Select Payments, then click on Add Credit. Under the Calling Credit option, you can add as much credit as you like. Choose your Google account to pay. You will receive a receipt in your inbox.


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