How To Spot a Fake and Original Infinix Hot 4 Smartphone

Do you want to purchase a new Infinix Hot 4 smartphone and curious to identify the fake and original version of the phone? Well, whether you are about buying a new phone or you already have one to yourself, I will show you how to spot the difference and make the right choice.

No matter how "similar" the fake Hot 4 is with the original, it can NEVER be like the original Hot 4. Avoid stories and get the original Infinix Hot 4 at Infinix authorized by outlets

Infinix Mobility is one of Africa’s leading smartphone brand who has been at the top of the issue, hence making customers and fans aware of new trends in Nigerian Market. The company has noticed the sale of FAKE Infinix smartphones by unauthorized dealers/retailers to customers. This ‘FAKE’ Infinix smartphones, which are sub-standard phones, are harmful to customers and those around them. Customers should pay attention and only buy Infinix smartphones from authorized dealers.


✔ The positioning of the earpiece; you can see the difference clearly from the image below.

✔ Also checkout the camera location, UI (XOS), OS and more, which can easily be spotted from this image

✔ Another thing you should watch is the price, the fake Infinix phones are more cheaper. In fact, to the extent of being sold for half the original price.

How To Spot a Fake Infinix Note 3

✔️ How To Spot a Fake Infinix Charger

For more explanation and demonstration, kindly watch this short video on how to know a fake and genuine Infinix phone.
Previously, I posted the full list of all accredited Infinix stores you should buy your phones. These stores are official partners of the brand. You can check the article one Infinix accredited stores for more details


  1. This is very inspiring and informative.

    But who are the producers of these fake phones?


  2. gud .......... but dis fake of infinix is very desame d diffrence is not much ......O god protect us from being a victim

  3. Thanks for this update wizy

    Very helpful

  4. originals are getting really expensive... so i welcome the clone cos u can still install native android application

  5. While surfing the INTERNET, i came across a post on the said phone exploding and it was later confirmed to be faked.

    Official information from INFINITY MOBILE says that it was the fake one that exploded and that we should always buy from authorized dealers.