Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 S, Checkout the Disadvantages

Yesterday, 2nd of May 2017, Microsoft launched a new version of its OS called "Windows 10 S". It is a fully-fledged version of Windows 10 designed for low-cost computers as well as education-oriented PCs and even some premium computers, such as the new Microsoft Surface Laptop. The letter "S" doesn't really stand for anything according to Microsoft but the concept of this OS is simplicity, security and safety.

Well, while we are so excited about this, I won't forget to let you know the disadvantages and bad part of it. No doubt, Windows 10 S is a great Operating System especially if you are too concerned and conscious about safety, in fact, I believe Microsoft want to match Mac in terms of security with this latest development, but you have to accept the bad part of it which I explained below:


1. You Cannot Install Apps From Other Sources
On Windows 10 S, you are only allowed to install apps from the Windows store so any app that's not available in the official store is automatically ruled out of it. In other words, you can't get apps from third-party vendors.

2. Edge Will Be Your Default Browser Permanently
Microsoft has decided that Edge will permanently be the default web browser on Windows 10 S. This means that even if Google releases Chrome on the Store, Edge will still open by default every time you click on an HTML link. Personally, I can't do without Chrome browser both on PC and mobile and I believe there are many people out there that shares my likeness to that browser as well, so it will be a hard decision to accept this OS on my PC.

3. Say Goodbye To Google Search Engine
Another disadvantage of Windows 10 S is that Microsoft had made Bing the default search engine and this will be permanent just like the default browser being the Edge browser. There will be no option to switch to Google or any other search engines. While this sound as a good business idea to eliminate the impact of its competitors, it will go a long way in scaring people away from using the OS because most people are already addicted to Google search engine as it's still the best globally.

4. You Will Only Have Few Good Games To Play
Because of the restrictions on installing apps only via the Microsoft store, gamers will not have the freedom or option to download their favorite games from third party sources. This simply means, you will be stocked to playing only those games available at the windows store which includes both mobile games and AAA games – mainly from Microsoft’s game studios – such as Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 plus Call of Duty: Infinit Warfare.

You will not be able install Valve’s Steam store, EA’s Origin, Blizzard’s Battlenet or any game distributed on disc or download from outside the Windows Store, however, which will severely limit the selection of games available for Windows 10 S.


The Windows 10 S will only be available on new PCs (Laptops and Desktops) that will be launched in the nearest future, and won’t be available as a separate version of Windows users can upgrade with or install as with Windows 10 Pro.

According to a reliable source, one of the first PCs to ship with Windows 10 S installed will be the new Microsoft Surface Laptop which will ship to customers in the US on 15 June. Windows 10 S will see wider availability this summer

Can you use this OS with all its limitations? What's the Operating system on your PC right now?


  1. With all this disadvantages ha
    I already lost interest

    Prefare window 10 ooo

  2. chaii dis window10s disadvantage is too much is useless

  3. Thanks oga Wizytechs for this timely update and in answering your question, the setbacks associated with the OS are too much and i can't use such an OS

  4. Wetin peson go do with this kind thing
    even the surface book ive never seen it for naij

    abeg meh dem carry dem tin comot johr
    update Redstone dey no wan do

  5. With this disadvantages , I have lose interest in it