Wealth Mason Partners Review – Legit Or Scam?

Have you been paying attention to the fast rising Business opportunity from Wealth Mason Partners? If you told me someone had pitched the opportunity to you lately, this wouldn’t surprise me. It’s making all the rounds on social media lately. Next, I want to tell you is that I like the Business Model and I am affiliated to it.
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Read all about it in my Wealth Mason Partners review so you can learn the full truth!
Does it deliver on the promises in the marketing materials? Yes! And you can confirm from the member area. Let’s carry on.

Wealth Mason Partners Review – The Product Line-up

In the product area, you will be able to access different ebooks that will help anyone develop understanding about how bitcoin works.

My Favorite Title : BITCOIN – How To Trade For Serious Profit

Wealth Mason Partners Review – The Compensation Plan

The Wealth Mason Partners compensation plan is all about gifting Bitcoin. Affiliate joining are place at the top of a unilevel structure, which means they can recruit as many affiliates as they can. These personally recruited affiliates become their Level 1.

If these Level 1 Affiliates go on to recruit affiliates, these new affiliate become the Level 2 of the original affiliate. In the same way, the affiliate gains Level 3 affiliates when the Level 2 affiliates recruits new affiliates. This process continues to a theoretical infinite number of levels.
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So this is how this scheme works …

If you were to sign up, you would first have to gift Bitcoin 0.006 BTC to your four upline affiliates. That’s the affiliate who recruited you, the affiliate who created the affiliate who recruited you, the next affiliate up from that, and the one above that.

By doing this you are now eligible to receive payments down four levels of affiliates (to your Level 4)

How WealthMasonPartners Work Simplied

You will simply receive a steady stream of bitcoin payments, and because there are no more levels to upgrade, you will keep what you earn instead of having to spend all your earnings to move up to new levels. Earnings are unlimited as you will earn from everyone that joins below you unlimited wide and 4 levels deep. This is a truly revolutionary and groundbreaking system.

Donate 0.027 BTC, 0.006 each goes to your 4 upliner, and this enables you to earn at 4th Level.

A customized website like this will be generated for you, and which enables you earn 0.006 at 4th,3rd,2nd,1st level for each new person you refer.

For example:

When *Smith* joins through you,

*From Smith you earn* => *Level 4* + *Level 3* + *Level 2* + *Level 1* = 0.024BTC = *N12,480*

When *Mary* joins through you,

*From Mary you earn* => *Level 4* + *Level 3* + *Level 2* + *Level 1* = 0.024BTC = *N12,480*

When *Sandra* joins through you,

From Sandra you earn* => *Level 4* + *Level 3* + *Level 2* + *Level 1* = 0.024BTC = *N12,480*

When *Steve* joins through you,

*From Steve you earn* => *Level 4* + *Level 3* + *Level 2* + *Level 1* = 0.024BTC = *N12,480*

Since you will keep what you earn instead of having to spend all your earnings to move up to new levels, or paying monthly to re-subscribe to the level you are after 30Day. If 4 People is what you can get a Month *(30days)*. You will earn Extra *N49,920* Monthly, and you keep all, since there is no need to pay to ungrade to Next Level, or re-subscribe to the level you are.

*If what you can do is 1 person Monthly henceforth:*

When *Smith* joins through you,

*From 1 Person you earn* => *Level 4* + *Level 3* + *Level 2* + *Level 1* = 0.024BTC = *N12,480*

*If what you can do is 2 person Monthly henceforth:*

*From 2 Persons you earn* => *Level 4* + *Level 3* + *Level 2* + *Level 1* = 0.024BTC = *N24,960*
Wealth mason scam or legit


*If what you can do is 10 persons Monthly henceforth:*

*From 10 Persons you earn* => *Level 4* + *Level 3* + *Level 2* + *Level 1* = 0.024BTC =


How much is it to join Wealth Mason Partners?

To get yourself started you would be looking at a 0.003 membership fee plus the four gifting payments mentioned

above of 0.006 BTC. That’s a total of 0.027 BTC or $25 USD at the time of writing this.

Wealth Mason Partners Review – The Conclusion

I hope you are finding the information in my Wealth Mason Partners Review helpful?

Some of the other reviews I saw had very little details, so I am hoping I gave you everything you need here.

If you need to know more about this business including the video guides, more explanation and how to join, click Signup and Register for Wealth Mason

Feel free to make comments here and seek support on how to make success out of this.

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored article on Ponzi Scheme and I, Wizy and everyone on this blog won't be held responsible for the outcome of this; be it positive or negative. This kind of business has benefited many people and at the same time failed few. So it's left for you to decide. 


  1. Ponzi schemes again ....... MMM don teach me lesson

    1. Taking a look, this is not like the MMM ponzi operates. WMN is one of my highly recommended program lately.

    2. This is system has a downline builder Built-in, that can help anyone build referral to any other program. Zarfund is added in the DB.

  2. Nice update but have learned my lessons

  3. Am in...

    Just upgraded... Found something interesting. The downline builder, I can build downline to my programs, so I earn from this program and other programs. Any smart person will adopt this...

    Thanks Wizzy!

  4. Joined 2 months ago...was seen on Olufamous.com... An amazing program that helps me grow ma income and referral to my best programs.

    Earned 1.5Bitcoin so far!

    Success Formula:

    *Register & Upgrade

    *Add your existing programs...mycashpool , bitwealth,Aiop...

    *Share your link and build income in multiple program that it one link...

  5. uhm ....this is good for these who started earlier... The train is running fast now and it will soon crash .......i will advice a good listener to put is Bitcoin where he/she can see it . investing in anything like upline and downline is like getting involved in an ponzi Shechem....

    1. Yes, your advise is very good for pessimist - I mean the half empty people. It will give them comfy.

      But for the Optimist, I mean the Half full people, you have not given any advice - its like "keep your seed and not grow it,so when a fast rising need comes, spend it". I checked the site for my own review, and find that the Down line Builder alone is a great tool every marketer needs.

      I guess this is not just for Money Makers, but for people who wants to grow a business online.

      Take a different look at it again apart from the Ponzi conceptualization you get.

  6. Am in, I affiliated to this because it incorporated AIOP to the down line builder.

    I got my Payoneer card Free from AIOP in 15days in 2015.

    I stopped promoting it for a while, but will go back to promoting it...as since I can promote it with the WealthMasonPqrtners link...

    Thanks Wizzy for sharing this one.

  7. Yes, you can get a free Payoneer card with AIOP...

  8. Is this a Pyramid / PONZI Scheme?

    Are you serious?! For it to be a pyramid scheme, you need to have someone on top collecting all the money. Since there is no down line or matrix to build, there is no one sitting on the top position. Money is being passed on from member to member only