Why I Hate Google's New Mobile Search UI

No doubt, Google's search engine is the most popular place to search for virtually anything in the world and get answers from several web portals. Its popularity even overwhelms the competitors in the likes of Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask etc. But the new move by the company to redesign the beautiful User Interface of their query site has left a big question mark in my mind.

Google is currently testing a material design for Google search just like they are doing for YouTube that removes the blue link color, as well as the green color for page categories/directories. You can check it out below courtesy Rita from Android Police:

Old design in Search app

New design in Search app

New design in web search:

It's obvious that the former design is more beautiful and simplified. It attracts the attention of the reader more easily and all details are highlighted appropriately with corresponding colors.

My question now is what prompted google to make this move? In as much as I like Google's great impact in today's technology, I would also expect they continue with their good works but this particular one is a no no.

What do you think?


  1. I want to conclude by saying that the only constant thing in this life is change and as such we should be prepared to accept it in good faith.

    Lemme use myself as a case study, i was really in love with phones that has a keyboard like my Symbian Nokia E5. So when i started seeing people with Android phones without the physical buttons i was really turned off.
    But now am used to it.

    1. You are right but there are some changes that shouldn't have been implemented. Just like this one. Well, it's still in test mode

    2. Yeah and that's the more reason why we should just observe things they unfold

  2. as u said wizy ......... d old google seach engine ui is very simple 2 than new 1