YouTube App for Android Now Have Bottom Navigation Bar

Google has been testing a new User Interface for YouTube app for Android since September last year and now it is a success as the aim is achieved. YouTube is worlds most popular video sharing social media platform with millions of videos uploaded by users. You can also make money from the videos you upload on YouTube hence there are so many Millionaire Vloggers.

Now YouTube has officially added navigation bar buttons in the bottom of the app to give it a more appealing look and easy to use. The features clearly labeled tabs, so you no longer have to wonder what you're about to tap on. It's also visible on all pages (except when watching videos).

Account and Library are now separate sections, making it simpler to find what you want. Your videos (playlists, watch history, uploads) reside within Library, while Account and Settings can be reached from your profile icon at the top.
Additionally, the app now remembers where you left off in each tab, and when you go back you can easily pick up from there. That's nice if you ask me.


  1. Taking us back to when a post was made here about Google's new UI and wizytechs was happy about the new look, i did said that we should just wait and observe things that we are yet to see the best.

    And now, we have just seen one of the best features in YouTube

  2. Nice improvement from YouTube developer

  3. That is why I always be here I swear always current till date.

  4. I go with paul observation, liked that about you bro

    Coming to YouTube new features its really good and they should keep it up.

    1. For the first time in history that you have agreed to tow my line.

  5. How i wish this feature is introduced into VIDMATE app.