Tuesday, June 13, 2017

3 Features in Latest iOS 11 That Won't Envy Android Fanboys

iOS 11 will be the successor to iOS 10 as iPhone users worldwide are set to experience new features on the platform just as Android users are eager to do exactly that once Android 8 is released. But for some years now, a lot of controversy has arised with the topic of "between iOS and Android, which one is the best". Well, in this post we will see some features in iOS 11 that are already an old stuff for Android users.
Ios 11
iPhone users might boast over Android users in terms of the iPhone’s design and hardware characteristics, but at the moment, they cannot brag about superior software as Google has done a very wonderful job in terms of optimization of their OS and persistent release of updates with new features. Apple, on the other hand has been optimizing their OS as well. In fact, their latest version is the iOS 11 with comes with some features that Android fanboys are already familiar with. So below are just 3 features in the new OS that are old news for Android users.


Google has made some progress in terms of machine learning with Google Assistant. This feature learns b adapting itself to the user. Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, has so far been unable to keep up. However, according to Apple, Siri on iOS 11 will be more natural and intelligent. It will be capable of using the system’s keyboard to let the user know about appointments and events. This could be useful if someone asks for your plans for the day on iMessage, for example. Of course, Android users know all about that, through Now on Tap from Google.


This update won’t be on iPhones, but rather on iPads compatible with iOs 11. This feature, to be known as Files on iOS 11, is simply a file manager, which is a fundamental tool on Android. It will not access the total internal memory of Apple devices, but it will let users connect to cloud services and access their respective folders and files. In addition to iCloud, Files will support services like DropBox among others.


Since Apple decided to substitute Google Maps with their own app, Apple’s maps have been evolving steadily. At the Worldwide Developers’ Conference, the company announced some new, limited features on Maps which will be available in specific states. Among them is the option to see the inside of businesses and airports. Google Maps already has this feature, so it’s nothing new to Android users. claims
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  1. Thanks wizy for this wonderful update, I know one day I will use iPhone not made in Nigeria iPhone that dey will download iOS app on store to make phone look like one.

  2. Nice one from them, but most features are already in android device

  3. Technology have never stop had life goes on technology improve. I imaging how iPhone 11 will be!

  4. Thanks for always coming up with inspiring updates.

    I don't fancy the iPhone nor iPad

  5. Thanks for always coming up with inspiring updates.

    I'm a die hard fan of Android and i will continue to appreciate what Google is doing already for Android OS

  6. thanks oga wizy.but I know Android phone are the best of all in the world.

  7. Thanks oga wizy for Your update

  8. I still prefer android over ios

  9. Technology have never stop had life goes on technology improve. I imaging how iPhone 11 will be like

  10. Android has always been my preferred OS, don't get me wrong, iOS fans do have a reason for loving it but it's wack battery life is the main reason an iPhone has never caught my eye.

    From ConTechsBlog.Com

  11. thanks oga wizy for ur timely update.but I still have love for Android phone no matter what features iOS have over Android phone I still love Android phone.

  12. Android are the best of phones

  13. Android are the best of phones

  14. Android OS is really taking over the mobile market because of their frequency updates, they started from OS 2.0 now we have 5,6, 7.0 and even 8.0 while others phone still maintain their old versions without upgrading.

    Landed here from - naijasturf.com.ng