Thursday, June 1, 2017

Download Best Soccer Games For Android That Won't Take Device Storage

    In as much as we enjoy playing football soccer games in our various Android devices, we shouldn't fail to accept that some of those games are really huge in size, some comes with both the apk and obb data files where the later boasts of largest files which won't be okay on some devices. Many people play games for pleasure, during their free time. Whatever reason it may be, managing your device storage still stuck in the minds of many folks.

So assuming you want to play soccer games with lesser size that won't consume your device storage, maybe because your phone or tablet has little memory space or it hangs, we have outlined top best soccer games you should download, install and play. Most Android games that are "interesting" come in large sizes due to good graphics, improvements and data saved when playing these games. The issue of storage consumption is an issue every Android user will want to treat/maintain carefully.

Below are the list of good games that won't eat up much of your phone memory, in other words, these games requirements are lesser and basic, which means you can enjoy playing them with low-end Android devices. They play freely on most devices without much issues. So if your phone can't carry games like PES, Fifa, Asphalt 8 Airborne etc, here are the alternatives for you.


1. TOP ELEVEN: Top Eleven is a soccer game developed for Android phones and tablets. It doesn't include an OBB file but only the .apk file. Though you can't control players on this game, it's basically about coaching and editing your team surpassing different levels, organising different fixtures with friends; these friends can be gotten from your Facebook contact when you sign up with Facebook or your Google contacts when you sign up with their Google account. This game is about 35mb.

You can download Top Eleven here

2. SCORE HERO: This is an unsung hero in the soccer gaming community. It's one of the best Android soccer games that doesn’t consume space but yet unknown to many people. Score hero is basically about taking good free kicks, developing points and moving to the next stage. On soccer Hero.apk, you can also play penalty kicks with good shot power from players. It also comes only with an apk file giving your much space and conserving your RAM and Battery. I'd recommend you download and enjoy this game.

You can download Latest Score Hero Now

3. DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER: DLS is yet another soccer game with small size, Dream League Soccer can be compared with the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer games, FIFA and winning elven games. The game comes with different teams to select from, different leagues, competitions, with the ability to control your team and also play the game yourself (beyond coaching). Additionally, it comes with an OBB File and a data file. It size is around 300MB but no where comparable to that of its rivals which needs some gigabytes to install.

Download Dream League Soccer

4. FIRST TOUCH SOCCER (FTS): FTS is arguably the best and direct alternative to PES and Fifa games as it boasts of similar features but surprisingly comes with small file size and OBB data which is around 250mb for FTS17 and 340MB for FTS18. The game is one of the most downloaded football game globally as it works both online and offline meaning whether you have data or not, you can still enjoy playing this amazing soccer ⚽ game.

Download FTS17
Download FTS18

Yes guys that's our top 4 football games for Android devices that doesn't consume much device space. Do you have any other similar game that requires small file size? Let us know via the comments box. Enjoy 😁
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  1. Amazing games. Thanks Wizy for this list

  2. Permit me to take the liberty of disagreeing with the title of the post. I'm of the opinion that the title would have stated the TOP Games and not BEST.

    As an educator, we are constantly faced with this lines "your best wasn't good enough". Your best game could turn out to be my worst game.

    The last paragraph has clearly affirmed my stand.

    Thanks all the same for the update

    1. SIR MIKE,

      Don't take this too personal because wizytechs clearly understood what i meant. Although English Language is not our mother tongue i stand to be corrected if my view is out of place.

      Now kindly go play store and check out best games but rather you will come out with top Android games.

      I rest my case because it's time for to educate my students on STATISTICS.

      ONE LOVE

    2. My dear brother,

      I wish to bring to your notice that this blog is an international acclaimed blog and any post here should be of good standard.

      I started off by saying "permit me to take the liberty" and then i stated my opinion.

      Did you actually read the post till the end and i also sited the last paragraph of the post which reads in part thus "Yes guys that's our top 4 football games for Android devices that doesn't consume much device space"


  3. Thanks bro for this update

    Had played the first game very much I think its good for others who is really looking for a game to play that won't take much of there phone space and data

  4. Soccer games are not my best games,tnx

  5. thank wizytech for ur nice update

  6. pls wizytech how can i download the raw file

    1. In order to download the raw files , you are required to click on the displayed links to each of the aforementioned games.

      Upon clicking on the link, you will then be redirected to another web page and from there, you can simply follow what's displayed on the page.

      ONE LOVE.

  7. Oga wizy pls how can i download the games

    1. O provided the download links for each of the games above

  8. Good update bro.

    FTS 2017/8 unlimited coin, my no1 relax game.

  9. My best game might not fall under that categories

  10. My best game can be Your worst game so you don't decide for people

  11. Although nice post from wizy

  12. How can i download the Raw file

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  16. Thanks to you every on on this comments I do still prefer to check some of those games out but an not really into an offline games but it should be stated if it online or offline game to make it easy to go for.
    Good I had played dream league 17 and it pecfrct for me and am still looking forward to get another amazing one like that of Fts17/18 thanks to you wizttrch

  17. Oga wizy but You said best games for Android device and i can't even find my best game which is asphalt and is not up to 30mb, and you said best games for Android device, that why i said earlier on that my best games might not fall under those categories

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  19. but I can say this game is a little bit good.than stay alone doing nothing.

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  22. My best game might not fall under that categories

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